Confidential psychic readings, healing and energy clearing

I am Suzanne, The Psychic,  The Reiki Master and The Energy Healer.

With guidance and messages from spirit, I do inspirational, accurate readings about anything you want guidance and messages for. A reading can include healing and spirit clearing.

 Feel free to call me on my psychic lines for an instant reading or book an appointment below!

phone 0900 50 500   ($3.99/min by phone)phone 022 0429652 (by credit/debit card)

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Email me or call me on 022 0429652 for any questions about my services.

Thank you for trusting me to bring you guidance and messages to move forward in your life.


Psychic Suzanne

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You can also book an Email reading to get written answers to your questions. I can also help you with Healing by Distance.

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