Isis - Psychic Suzanne HealingMy Healing include –

Healing for various health problems
Releasing negative energies, entities, ghosts from around you, in your home, workplace, vehicle when you have unusual signs and happenings
Chakra opening and clearing to give you more energy and clarity
Releasing karmic records, oaths, vows, contracts that are causing problems in your present day life – uncanny accidents,  difficult relationships and situations
Miracle creation meditations to manifest what you want to happen in your life
Love meditations to help bring your soul mate partner into your life

I am a Reiki master, as well as channeling the healing energy of the Archangels, Goddess Auset and Jesus Christ. I learnt how to perform Goddess Auset healing in 2005. This is based on a very ancient healing discipline used by the ancient Egyptian people. To them healing was a form of magic that came from the Gods and Goddesses to enable a person to achieve his/her desired goal. This is a very powerful form of healing and noticeably makes changes to people’s conditions and well being. When one is using it other Gods and Goddesses come in to help – God Thoth comes in to do spiritual surgery along with Goddess Bast and the white light Sirian beings. Clients have reported to me that they can feel things moving inside their body and their limbs being tugged and pulled gently.

In 2003 I decided that I wanted to study Reiki healing as well. I had been to a number of workshops learning how to connect with spirit and to heal hands on using their energy. Through this healing I healed sprains and sports injuries. I decided that I wanted to study another healing discipline, I always believe in having a good solid theoretical foundation to any healing modality and Reiki had always interested me. So I studied for a year and subsequently became a Reiki master in 2004.  I have been practicing Reiki healing ever since.

The Energy Healing Process

I recommend at least 3 healings to occur to make a measurable difference to the client’s healing needs. For extreme illnesses I do an angel miracles healing meditation and I ask for a sudden dramatic, instant miraculous healing to occur.  Sometimes miracles occur during energy healings and sometimes they will occur later on. Miracles will not occur if the client has a life contract to have a serious illness and in this case karmic release from this life contract would need to happen before a healing would occur.

Before I start the healing I do a healing assessment with the client to find out about the client’s reason for the consultation, current health issues, history of illness, previous operations and health challenges and current medications. I will then proceed with the healing. I call in the divinities and thank them for their presence and I centre myself for the healing.

I put protection around the client and myself and state the intention for the healing and that it is for the client’s highest good. I will do a scan of the client’s body first to pick up areas that need healing then proceed to do the healing, going to the areas that the client has pointed out as needing healing and also healing the areas that I am drawn to. I also heal each of the chakras to rebalance and clear of negative energies.

After the healing I discuss with the client how it went, what they noticed happening during the energy healing, how did they feel during the healing and how do they feel after the healing. When the client comes back for another healing then I do a consultation 2 which reflects on how the previous healing went and anything else that has come up since then – the changes noticed by the client since the healing, how the client is feeling now, I ask them on a scale of 1-10 what measurable difference has been made to the reason as to why they came in the first place.