Essentials For Workplace Stress

Currently about 80% of the calls to my psychic hotline 0900 50500 is about workplace stress and how callers can alleviate this. It appears to be a very big issue as jobs are becoming harder to find and people are feeling intimidated by their superiors or even a co-worker. And you won’t believe this but people are actually asking me how to do energy protection and clearing techniques to use in the workplace.

Examples are –

  • People feel that they are being bullied to leave their jobs
  • Rivalry and dissent between co workers
  • Too much work and not enough time
  • Managers having difficulty in dismissing a worker who has a poor performance record

What you must do  stress

  • GET SPIRITUAL. Connect with SPIRIT through prayer, meditation, yoga or other spiritual practices to relieve that overwhelming work pressure.
  • LEARN an energy protection technique like surrounding yourself with a bubble of white or blue energy. Do this before you go to work in the morning
  • LEARN an energy clearing technique to remove the toxic energies from within you and within the workplace. Ask Archangel Michael to pour his light through you and the workplace, dissolving the dark energies. Do this either during or at the end of the day.
  • LEARN an energy healing technique to heal you at the end of the day.
    Ask Archangel Raphael and Jesus to flow his healing light through you healing your emotions, and releasing stress, unforgiveness and anger
  • IF YOU ARE really fed up and cant take much more, ask Archangel Chamuel to find you another job that is suitable for you, in a positive work environment and within a specific time frame.



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