Create your reality

Using a spiritual approach and SMART goals, I assist you move forward in the areas of your life that are not working for you at the moment such as work, personal relationships & aspirations for the future. (30 min coaching via telephone or skype)

30 min: $60.00

Learn easy healing techniques

I teach you easy healing techniques to heal yourself & others. (30 min via telephone or Skype)

30 min: $60

Finding your true Life purpose

An easy four week mentoring program, by skype of how to find your life purpose and passion by connecting to the love energy of manifestation and your higher self to move forward on your life path and be who you are.

What you will get from the program as well.
You will be attuned to the energy of manifestation and know how to perform a creation meditation which will assist you to manifest things to happen in your life.
You will learn how to connect with spirit and receive ongoing  valuable messages and guidance.

Program content

Connecting with your heart felt intuition and tuning into your higher self    

Week one
Meditation 1 – Suzanne guides you through an Atunement to the love energy of manifestation.

Week two
Meditation 2 – Suzanne will guide you through a meditation to connect you to your Guardian angel, the Archangels and the Angels for messages and guidance.

Week three
Meditation 3 – Suzanne will guide you through a meditation to connect you with your higher self to receive messages about your true life purpose and passion. Suzanne will discuss these messages with you and give you messages as well.

Week four
Your homework study:
a) Write down what you think your true life purpose is. Imagine what it would feel like, feel it! What do you feel the mostly strongly about? Accept your shortcomings,  be realistic, what would work and what wouldn’t.
b) Set achieveable goals to implement your life purpose and write them down.
c) Action! Create an action plan to put your goals into action within time frames, include any obstacles to overcome

Email the above to Suzanne for comment and discussion at next Skype session.
Suzanne will guide you through a visualisation and creation meditation using the love energy of manifestation to manifest your goals.

Program structure

The spiritual mentoring sessions are conducted by Skype.

3 sessions of 30 minutes each.

1 session of 60 minutes.

Program support

Suzanne is in email contact with the participant to answer any questions.

Program requirements

1. One Rose Quartz crystal to be supplied by participant
2. Access to Skype, cell phone and email

Cost of program

Each skype session of  30 minutes cost $60.00.

The week four skype session of 60 minutes is $100.00

How to book

Contact Suzanne on to book, include a phone number for her to contact you on.


Suzanne confirms all sessions via email; however, it is your responsibility to record and remind yourself of each session.

Every participant is asked to complete a Program Evaluation at the completion of the program.

Note:  All Skype Sessions are kept strictly confidential.