Making Ourselves Happier In 2016

One of many things that Wayne Dyer used to say in his talks was: ‘Your goal should be to try and be better than you used to be, not better than anyone else.’
I would like to expand on what Wayne Dyer used to say and say this; ‘Your goal for 2016 should also be to try to bring more happiness, joy and love into your life.’

As we learn to love ourselves more, then we are like a magnet, attracting loving, joyful relationships and experiences into our lives. To do this then we have to identify what really makes us happy.  Make a list and start visualizing in whatever way you can best remember and recall. You could visualise all of these things as a photograph or you could write them in a journal or say them in your daily meditations. By doing this we are already attracting into our lives, what makes us happier. Here are some ideas that could make you more happy and joyful in 2016 and of course you will have your own. joy

  • Show my loved ones more that I love them
  • Try and pay more attention to my children and be more interested in what they are doing in their lives.
  • Spend more quality time with my family and extended family
  • Cultivate like-minded loving friendships
  • Seek a wonderful job that is a wonderful career move
  •  Have a healthier lifestyle
  • Do an overseas trip to meet lots of new interesting people
  •  Help more people and animals in need
  • Help rectify an environmental issue eg save the whales or global warming.

As we get nearer the end of this year, let’s all take this simple advice to our hearts and try to be a little bit happier and loving in 2016 than we were in 2015.


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