Mercury Retrogade, Reflect, Revise, Redo

This post  is part 2 about Mercury Retrograde.
During Mercury Retrograde try not to initiate something new, but finish what you have started. You may have this wonderful new plan but hold off on putting it into action while Mercury is trekking backwards. You are better to go over your plan and fine tune it to make sure that when you action it it is really going to take off. This certainly holds true for any writing projects and Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to edit, research and revise your work. There’s a high probability that you’re missing valuable information or that whatever you pitch to others isn’t going to sound as phenomenal to them as it does to you.

FullSizeRender copyUse Mercury’s Retrogrades energy as a time to reflect, meditate and review what you’ve already got going on, what you have in the pipeline and polish it up. Finish existing projects or what ever you have going on. Once you have done that then reflect and meditate on the project and reevaluate its effectiveness before you start something new. This will assist you with any future planning for projects and their implementation.

However, it also applies to all areas of your life, from work, money and relationships. Usually, it’s best to not start a new job, get married or begin a new financial venture in your life now. Polish up your resume, plan your wedding or research investments instead. If you are selling your house don’t be surprised if the contract falls over or is difficult to get in place and if you are looking to buy, go to open homes and research the market before you are ready to buy. Daydream and visualise the perfect home for you. You don’t want to end up with a house that is not really what you wanted. 


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