Move On or Move Back

My last story post, Sound Familiar? is about a man who wanted to move forward into a new committed relationship and when he was about to do that he moved back to his previous relationship.

Todays story, Move On or Move Back is another story about not being able to move on. This is a story that comes up time and time again but with different situations and events.

A woman became involved with a guy and fell in love with him.

The relationship appeared on the surface as being wonderful but then the cracks began to appear. She wondered why he wouldn’t answer his phone some nights and on these nights he was never available to see her.  Spirit said that he had a number of female acquaintances and they weren’t playing tiddly winks. She didn’t believe spirit and had to find out for herself.

So she turned up at his house one evening and yes there he was with another woman. This was very distressing and she ended the relationship. Three weeks later the relationship resumed because he convinced her that he would never do that to her again.

Again she found out that he had been seeing someone else but there was more than one. She left him again. This pattern of breaking up and getting back together continued for another two times but each time she got back with him the relationship lasted for a shorter time.

She continued to work through the road blocks through spirits guidance, coaching and healing and then she let go of him completely.

moving-on-640x210There are many reasons or road blocks why people can’t move on. It is because they find it hard to let go, for whatever reason/s.

  • Still attracted to the previous person in some way
  • Underlying subconscious beliefs
  • Energy cord attachments
  • There are children are involved
  • Difficulties around the division of assets and money
  • Fears that if they let go of the past then moving forward may not work
  • Not ready to make the move

The trick is that you have to be ready to make a change. It usually means cracking the code that stops you moving on and reprogramming the old beliefs. Spirit can assist to re program the old beliefs through messages, guidance and healing from the healing divinities, angels and guides.

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