February 27 Solar Eclipse

On February the 27th at 1.10am NZ time, there will be a POWERFUL Piscean New Moon, and Solar Ecilpse. With any eclipse there is always potential for change and a shake up. With the solar eclipse being in Pisces ( Pisces is water, water is emotion) then there will be emotional turmoil for some. It may be around relationships, friendships, finances, work and home.

imageFor others particularly the Pisceans this is a very favourable time for you to meet Mr or Miss Right. If you have largely released blocks around romantic relationships you had better watch out, your soul mate may miraculously appear.

This is also a powerful time for introspection and illumination of the hurts we must release, so that the trauma of the past can be resolved and new beginnings can emerge from a lighter heart. Living in hurt only hurts your ability to create new patterns of possibility. Psycho drama is a very powerful technique to use to release and heal old wounds.

With the new moon set you intentions and what you’d like to manifest in the months ahead within 24 hours of the New Moon so that they can manifested.

Looking for something?

I lost my keys to my house and car yesterday. I hunted high and low and couldn’t  find them anywhere. I prayed to Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel who finds things for you, including missing items. He will even find something on behalf of someone else.


Well I unloaded my washing machine this morning and noticed some silver under the rubber seal that goes around the barrel of the machine and Viola! I pulled out my keys.

Thank you Archangel Chamuel, I was told the keys would be found.

Love and blessings Psychic Suzanne www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz

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Have Faith

Various meanings of this card:   image

Your dream will come true.

Your chosen path is the right one for you.

Heaven supports you fully on your mission.

Your material needs will be taken care of.

Take action steps toward the realization of your dream.

Break your dream into achievable baby steps so that it’s easier to start and keep going.

Define your dream and take action

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Processing Endings

Various meanings of this card:      image

Your current changes are for the best.

Keep your thoughts positive as they are very powerful.

What appears to be a loss is really the beginnings of a happy new phase.

Let the past go.

Its time to move on.

Do any of these meanings resonate with you?

Psychic Suzanne Psychic Consultant

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Clear and Release

What you can do to help clear the old energies and patterns to move forward or to use as a daily recharge

1. Meditate every day and ask to connect to Source/God and your divine helpers

2. See the bright white energy of Source flowing through your chakras and connecting with Goddess Gaia the Goddess of the Earth

image3. Ask Gaia to flow beautiful green earth energy up into your body through roots that connect your feet to the ground

4. Surrender and release all old energies, old cellular memory and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and ask for these old energies to be transmuted into pure white light

5. See and feel these old energies flowing back down into the earth along with the green earth energy through roots extending from your feet into the ground and see the old energies being being transmuted into bright white light.

Not all of the energies can easily be released. Sometimes there needs to be some extra work done.

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About 2017

2017 is vibrating as the new beginnings energy of number one so this coming year is good for creativity and new projects. This could happen in your work and/or personal life.

This 2017 energy is a lot lighter than that of 2016 so try to experience more joy and pleasure in your life. Take up something you really enjoy and have fun.

For some of you, new beginnings may mean a new job or even moving house. Overseas travel may eventuate although air travel could have the overriding threat of terrorism.

Many people will become more spiritual in 2017 and sprirtual groups and practices will increase across the globe.

I feel in New Zealand that it would be unlikely to have another major earthquake altough there will be still be some shakes.

There will still be political unrest and instability world wide but countries will cooperate more to keep the peace.

It is important to think outside the square to make money as technology continues to replace employment.  20170101_134942-1_resized

Most of all try to find some sort of happiness and Goddess Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess of joy and pleasure will assist you to find that.

Love and blessings for 2017

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Have Faith and Miracles Occur

Through my Psychic work I have helped many people, resulting in miraculous changes and endings. The theme in these miraculous changes is the power of prayer and having faith that your prayers have been heard and answered.


One person said that she had been unemployed for a long time and was praying for a job and out of the blue she was offered a fabulous job.

Another got accepted for a image renowned training course out of 10,000 people.

And another suddenly had a crisis in her work, couldn’t work there anymore, applied for another job and got it and is now earning a lot of money.

And the list goes on, every day I hear of a miraculous change.

Never give up, keep praying and have faith, it’s worth it.
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Keep Your Relationship Loving

Things can become a little fractious in a relationship especially with Mercury retrograde contributing to communication problems. I can give you a psychic reading for your own personal situation but here are some of the common answers from spirit that have come up with other clients. IMG_3400

  • Give up problem solving in a relationship. It’s all about adopting and practicing loving actions and words towards each other.
  • Speak nicely to one another.  Listen to your words and the words that you partner uses when you talk. Try to use words that come from a loving perspective to model to yourself and your partner.
  • Be Compassionate and understanding in your relationship. See the big picture. An unhappy experience that has happened in the past will leave its scars on a person.
  • Be more loving towards one another and work on displaying signs of affection, like hugging and kissing. Practice give and take, being selfish is not giving, it is taking. Often couples having the same star sign can mean that they want things their way or stay in control
  • Practice restraint, stay calm and walk away from a brewing argument and don’t over react. Spirit says excuse yourself, get out of range, come back and change the subject. Have a hug!
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and change your behaviours to be more loving, caring and considerate. If you flirt with someone else then of course your partner is going to feel jealous.
  • Be more accepting of your partner, Spirit says to look past the faults and only see love. There are some things you cannot change. Remember you are not perfect. It’s easy to judge others without looking at your own faults.
  • Spend regular time together, just you and your partner. Do a spiritual practice together like meditation or tantric. Make sure you are doing the things that bring happiness  to you both.
  • Do something different, make a change, be spontaneous, go away for a surprise weekend or overseas. The other day spirit suggested a house move for a client because it would bring in new energy and a new focus for both people in the relationship.
  • Adopt a spirit of good will towards one another. Focus on the good things in the relationship.. Make a plan to talk more and sort out miscommunications in a positive, loving way. Spirit says that you and your partner should talk for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Forgive past mistakes that you have both made. Spirit can help you do this with meditation and healing work. Not being able to forgive your partner blocks the flow of love in a relationship.
  • If spirit exposes difficult issues in your relationship, like addictions, excessive anger, trust, infidelity and financial problems then more energy work is required to change underlying belief systems by meditation, energy healing and hypnosis.


Take Care to Self Care

Things can be intense with Christmas coming up as well as the effects of Mercury retrograde playing out in the background. This means we must self-care, keep our energy levels up so our health and well-being does not suffer and keep ourselves balanced and grounded.

Here are some techniques to assist you

1. Fear, worry and negative thoughts can be very consuming if you are feeling tired. Call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to flow his purple, blue, high vibrational light of love through you, dissolving all fear and worry based energies from your physical and auric bodies. You should feel a warmth and instant relief. Keep doing this until the fear and worry stops.
2. Meditate or take a nap. 40 winks is great. Listen to gentle music if you don’t want to sleep. If you are taking a shower see it as a cleansing meditation. As the water washes off you see the negativity being released and washed away.
3. Engage in prayer first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Tell God and the angels your problems and ask for miraculous solutions to move you forward in your life.
3. Connect with nature, go for a walk, sit in the sun or lie on the grass. As you are doing this see golden roots coming out of your feet and growing down and anchoring in the earth. Then see all the old unwanted energies flowing down out of your body and into Mother Earth. This helps to balance and ground you. IMG_3392
4. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and take regular exercise to remove toxins from your body
5. Take a sea salt bath. One of the oldest, and most practical forms of shifting, infusing and activating the aura is through water. Soaking for 15 minutes is a warm bath of sea salt will draw out impurities in the energy bodies, and release worn-out patterns from the aura. You can enhance this process by dropping in a few key crystals. This will infuse the water with the vibration of the stone, and in turn infuse the aura.
6. Using crystals is a wonderful way to heal, balance and ground oneself. Simply holding a crystal will activate its energy in your aura and make you feel better.
7. Do not let yourself get sucked into needless drama. Those who are unaware of energies may act-out in angry ways, as they try to fight against the energy.

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