Using A Visualization Technique To Achieve Your Desires

Last week in chapter seven, we looked into specific examples of positive affirmations and empowering questions we can apply everyday. Now we are getting to the real stuff to create our desires using the equipment and ingredients below.


  • Vibration
  • Being
  • Physiology
  • Ingredients

  • Desire
  • Belief
  • Gratitude (allowing)
  • With just the above equipment and ingredients we can start to visualize what we want with this visualization technique.

    Step One: Desire

    Write down something simple and believable on a piece of paper. Example: I am so happy and grateful for a friends to give me baking.

    Step Two: Relax

    Sit in a comfortable chair or familiar position and begin to get into a state of pure relaxation. You will know best how to use deep breathing to ensure you are as relaxed as possible.

    Step Three: Belief

    Begin to imagine your desire. The better your visualization (more details) the more powerful it is. The imagination is powerful, you need to really feel the desire going through your senses and imagining how they react.

    Step Four: Positive Statement

    Either out loud or in your head state some positive things about your desire. Refer to the previous weeks blog if you need to.

    Step Five: Time

    When you start out doing this process, spend a few minutes a day on it before slowly building up the time. Ideally you will do this multiple times a day. The best times are when you are already relaxed such as just before bedtime.

    Step Six: Ending Statement

    Use this statement at the end of your visualization session. This (your desire), or something even better, now manifests for me, in easy and harmonious ways, for the highest good for all concerned.

    Sounds easy right? It really is. The stronger your conscious belief during visualization the more your subconscious will believe your desire is real. Also, ensure you are open to accepting coincidences, they are clues your desire is on the way. Most of all however, believe! 99% belief pales in comparison to 100% belief. The visualization will take a while to get better, the more practice the stronger your visualization will be.

    Go away and start visualizing today and keep me informed of how your desires are manifesting. I hope you have enjoyed the recap of the E.K. Santos book ‘How I Made Over $1 Million’. Tune in next week for more great, actionable posts.

    Positive Affirmations & Empowering Questions You Can Use

    After a bit of a break we are still working through E.K. Santos book ‘How I Made Over $1 Million’. Before the break we had started to cover chapter seven, possibly the most important chapter of them all. Breaking the chapter into two posts, we began exploring our inner speech noting we tend to speak to ourselves negatively. Now we will get into specifics you can apply today.

    Positive Affirmations

    The best positive affirmations for yourself are ones you come up with on your own. If you need some inspiration you can search on Google but to give you a start I have provided you 10 positive affirmations from the book and ones I use.

    • I love and appreciate myself just the way I am
    • It is okay for me to have everything I want
    • I have a great and loving relationship with _________
    • I am successful in everything I do
    • I am well. (confident, happy etc.)
    • I am now enjoying everything I do
    • Everyday in every way I am getting better and better
    • I enjoy relaxing and having fun
    • I choose to be peaceful and harmonious
    • I am safe. I trust the process of life to bring only good to me.

    Empowering Questions

    Empowering questions goes beyond the positive affirmations. You are asking yourself a question knowing the response will be positive. There are some examples of powering questions below but it is important to know how to come up with the questions yourself too. The easiest way is to use a positive affirmation fitting your needs and rearranging it as a question.

    • What can I do to make myself happy?
    • Why am I so healthy?
    • Why do I take such good care of myself?
    • Why do my friends love me?
    • How do I solve this problem and enjoy the process?
    • Why did I get hired for this job?
    • What is great about this?
    • What can I learn about this

    Well that wraps up part two of chapter seven. The next post will get down to the nitty, gritty. It is time to implement everything we have learnt thus far.

    How You Speak To Yourself: Affirmations and Questions

    Did you work on your gratitude last week? If not you better reread last week’s blog to help yourself be happier day in day out. This week it is onto chapter seven and this is a goody. E.K quotes ‘This chapter alone…all by itself, can change your life’. Therefore to do the chapter justice we are going to break it into two parts, without further ado let’s buckle up and dive in.

    Inner speech with yourself happens everyday, more often than you realize I bet. The exact dialogue of this inner speech is something you likely have never considered. However it will manifest itself based on the wording you choose to talk to yourself.

    How often have you said to yourself ‘you are an idiot’, ‘why do I always stuff that up’, ‘I’m useless’ and countless other variations? These thoughts are manifesting in your mind ALL THE TIME.

    Speaking to ourselves the right way on a conscious level for an extended period of time can luckily reprogram our subconscious mind to speak to ourselves the right way (once it is a habit we do not need to think about it). For example, driving a car? You do not think about braking after driving a few years, it occurs naturally to you. This has become a habit

    ‘It figures’ is a common response when you perceive something bad has happened to you. This is your being you expected the negative event to happen. As we know with the law of attraction, a negative mindset breeds negative results. Unfortunately you did create this mindset, fortunately we can change your inner speech to convey love, respect and kindness to yourself.

    With this you will be a lot happier, nothing will get in your way as you are what you want to be. Life is for joy and happiness, not suffering and misery.

    Now to take action, become self conscious of your inner speech. Simply observe from now on whether you are being negative and pessimistic or positive and optimistic. Talk to yourself as you would your Grandmother. Think about that or a moment.

    When you hear negative words, turn them around into a positive speech or a better question with a deep breath. Developing self control is not easy so in addition, use affirmations and empowering questions right throughout the day in the early stages to build the habit.

    Controlling your speech will control your thoughts and therefore control your life!

    Are You Grateful?

    We have been powering through E.K. Santos book recently. Last week touch we looked into belief, faith and trust. This week it is onto chapter six with gratitude the focus of conversation. Do you both allow and receive gratitude on a regular basis?

    Asking for a desire, then believing you have your desire through your imagination seems like a simple concept. Where gratitude breaks down for most is not allowing you to receive gratitude. Why? It could be impatience, not enough belief and weak desires or more likely you focused on not seeing the desire in physical form rather you focused on lack of it.

    To realign our thoughts, we need to alter the vibrations. Do you really want that tropical holiday? Yes! Do you dream about it, imagine the feeling? Yes! But when push comes to shove you really think ‘oh if only’, the vibrations are not positive.

    We need to add gratitude to the mix, the champion of emotions.

    A lack of gratitude means you are unhappy at some level. Think about this for a minute are you a grateful person in life?

    There are times where you may struggle to think about anything to be grateful for, but start with the small things and make it a conscious decision to be aware of them each day.

    Did you have a nice breakfast? Be grateful.
    Breathing oxygen? Be grateful.
    Receive a compliment? Be grateful.
    Did someone ask how you were today? They took time out of there day to ask you. Be grateful!

    You get the idea. Being grateful manifests a good life for you. A famous saying is ‘live with an attitude of gratitude’.

    If your being is grateful, the law of attraction manifests itself in bringing more things in your life to be grateful for. Asking the right questions is a common theme Santo reiterates in his book and is something you can improve on everyday.

    Be grateful for the past and be grateful for the present and grateful for what is coming is a powerful thought process. The tropical holiday may not be here in the next week but do not get frustrated, you can be grateful when it does come around. This will lead to a much healthier mind.

    High expectations are fine, be grateful when they exist and you will allow them into your life. Feeling rotten is a resistance, feeling great is you being grateful and allowing desires into your life.

    Belief, Faith and Trust

    Last week’s chapter four dealt with desires. A burning desire is the number one ingredient if we want to create something. This week the second and most important ingredient we will look at is belief/faith and trust. Without these traits, what you want to create will not work for you.

    Does owning a Ferrari seem outrageously beyond you? Start naming those who own a Ferrari, the list is not exactly small right? There is no reason why you cannot add yourself to the list. It takes belief, the possibility exists. Most people think that owning a Ferrari is out of reach, if you think you can do it then it is normally of issue of ‘how’ which boils down to answering ‘no’. Most people would address the desire in a negative way, ‘I will never own a Ferrari’, lacking belief. If you do not think something is possible, it simply will not happen.

    Getting yourself into a state of believing is the step to take to ensure you create what you want. Never fear, you can change your beliefs. If you choose not to have a belief, that’s no ones choice but yours.

    Changing beliefs is easy when you start small. When you have small wins you can build momentum to achieve greater desires. Every time you see evidence of the law of attraction at work your belief will increase.

    Evidence of manifestations is a great thing to write down. The more you right, the more belief you have in what is possible sets into your mind. Start small and visualize something with your imagination. Write this visualization down and close your eyes and imagine. It needs to be very believable for you. Detail your results.

    Belief is the most important question without a doubt. There are a couple more yet to come so be sure to tune in next week.

    Desire, Burning Desire

    The previous chapter looked into how we create our ideal state of being. Chapter four is related to desire. Desire is important in life so ask yourself ‘What do you truly desire?’ You will have short term and long term desires there are no wrong answers, only you know what you desire. No matter your desire, there is no reason why it cannot happen.

    There are wants and wishes, these are desires that would be nice to have (a Ferrari for example) but it’s not a burning desire. A burning desire will trigger intense emotions in you. If you could create that one desire your life would improve dramatically. To get something to manifest in your life, the intense passion and desire must be there.

    There must not be any resistance in your vibrations in relation to this desire. Do you want to get a high powered car really badly, but then despise the gas guzzling aspect of it? Your state of being in relation to the desire needs to be vibrating in a positive way.

    The law of attraction has been great for us thus far. It can be nasty though. Fired from a job? You created that situation. Ever hear people say ‘I think my job will be dissolved’ and it is shortly after? They are manifesting these thoughts into vibrations by thinking of it. You then felt it and it happened. This was not through desire, but the universe felt your initial negative vibrations and the universe listened. Controlling your emotions is vital.

    Desires and motives can be confusing. Being clear with your most intense and passionate desires is vital to ensure you get the results you want. When you think about your desires, provide detailed reasoning and what will happen when the desires come to fruition. A burning desire is the first ingredient to achieving our ideal self.

    Vibration and Being How You Really Feel

    Sorry for the long time between posts team! Continuing on from where we left off it is time to move to chapter three of E.K. Santos book: Vibration and Being How You Really Feel.

    Remember as individuals we are all vibrating at different frequencies which vary based on our state of being. Thoughts manifest within themselves. If you are being happy, happy thoughts will frequent your mind meaning your state of being = happy. If you are being sad, good luck with trying to vibrate at a happy frequency.

    In long term thinking if you are being jealous, you will not be creating an environment for yourself to be happy. If you are being grateful, you are on your way to a state of being happy. Ask yourself how you right now. This is your basic vibration, you want to let the vibration know what kind of vibrations you want to attract. The way you guide yourself to feel what you want is important. Below is a few common feelings and whether they are positive or negative.

    Positive: Love, Abundance, Joy, Prosperity, Gratitude, Faith

    Negative: Hatred, Envy, Jealousy, Disappointment

    Are you more positive and negative? If you are the latter you need to decide for yourself that you want to be positive. The length of time this takes varies person to person. Sometimes you need to work at it for days, weeks even. Eventually however your mind will begin to be aware of your thoughts and specific actions that can change you from negative vibrations to positive vibrations in a short period of time.

    E.K. finds the easiest way for many to change from negative to positive is taking it back to your physiology as it often portrays how we are feeling inside. Compare physical bodies to people at funerals versus birthday parties and how people are feeling at these events. It’s hard to be sad with a smile on your face.

    Our state of being is determined by the vibrations that we are attracting. If your are attracting negative vibrations, experiment with changes in your physical body and discover which triggers work best for you to create your ideal state of being.

    Key Takeaways from How I Made Over $1 Million Using The Law of Attraction

    The following series on the blog will reflect on a book I love. How I Made Over $1 Million Using the Law of Attraction by E.K. Santo. It is not an autobiography but teaches us the tools we require to take control of our lives. Chapter two is where the book begins to dig into the Law of Attraction and introduces us to the concept of thoughts become things.

    We can sum up the Law of Attraction: What you think is what you get. This is looking at the law from a basic level however.

    When something becomes reality to us reflecting back on it we thought about the finished product in a general sense. Over time the Law of Attraction honed our thought process further with more focused thoughts in relation to the general idea.

    Creations start in the mind and we act as magnets as more of these focused thoughts come of us as time progresses. All of these general thoughts have an individual vibration. When we tune into the specific vibration, related ideas come to our thoughts due to the similar vibrations. All of these vibrations are types of energy. Energy at a very simple level is made up of subatomic particles. These particles are arranged in different forms for everything from planes, car seats, dirt…you name it and at the simplest form they are subatomic particles. The foundation of subatomic particles is quantum physics. If you want to find out about quantum further, pick up any science book. For the Law of Attraction though it is getting away from the main point.

    What you think is what you get. Essentially it works like this: You notice you’re thirsty.
    1. You ask for something (I feel like a drink)
    2. You believed you can have it. (A cold beer pops into your mind)
    3. You took the necessary action to get it. (You went to the pub or maybe even the fridge)

    The process is not always this simple. E.K. Santo wanted a million dollars and believed he could have it. As a result thoughts along this line, specifically thoughts as to how he could get to the $1 million mindset begun to form in his mind and then he begun to take action on those thoughts which then turned into reality.

    Start thinking of something in your mind right now, perhaps something at work. Now do you notice that other work related topics being themselves to the fore? That is the Law of Attraction.

    Understanding e=mc^2 to Increase Your Psychic Ability

    Last week I looked into the Donna Eden experiment and provided a simple experiment you can do at home to relieve tension in your shoulders. This week I will analyze the famous equation e=mc^2 and what it means for us.
    The equation e=mc^2 was made famous by Albert Einstein. The equation for energy (e) equals mass times speed of light squared. This confirms the law of vibration, where everything is always moving with energy in some form. E=mc^2 also tell us that we are in fact full of energy because energy and matter are related to one another. How you choose to use this energy is up to you.

    Are you going to let this energy stay idle or use it too benefit yourself and those around you is a decision that needs to be made consciously now that we are aware of the relationship. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, just transformed. Do you want to suppress the energy within or do you want to see what you can do in an effort to reach unlimitedness.

    There is an easy thing you can start right away to begin the journey of explore a heightened sense of psychic sensitivity. When you are driving, pay extra attention to the tires of your car. Traditionally we ignore them as we trust the manufacturers and only notice them when they are not in great condition. By channeling some of your energy towards the tires, you will increase the likelihood of catching a problem that can be fixed right away before the damage is extensive. You may not notice a nail in your tire until the tire begins to shred, by using your energy to increase your awareness the nail can be sensed before the tire shreds.

    This is a simple form of increasing your psychic sensitivity. A trained skill, start small and you will start to gain a sense of everything around you at all times. Try increasing your awareness after reading this on one aspect in your life. Let us know how you feel about it after a few days.

    The Donna Eden Experiment

    Last week looked into the law of vibration. In essence, everything is moving all the time. Did you become more aware of the energy around you in the last week?

    This week we are going to review the Donna Eden Experiment.

    Professor Donna Eden is the world leading authority in energy medicine. Teaching thousands of people worldwide to heal themselves, energy medicine has changed for the better as a result of Donna Eden.

    The Donna Eden experiment is a number of methods that you can perform yourself. At a basic level, they release tension from the body through to more complex techniques that heal specific ailments. Some of the methods involve touching, others not while there are also methods that can involve partners.

    All of the experiments focus on the transfer of energies from targeted areas. Below is a step by step guide to releasing shoulder tension.

    Step 1: Reach over your left shoulder with your right hand & using your middle finger find the spot that is most tender (you can do this with other parts of the body too).
    Step 2: Rate this spot 0 to 10 (0 is no tension, 10 is extremely tender).
    Step 3: Rub your hands together for 15 seconds then shake them off (this creates an energy field).
    Step 4: Cup your hand 2 inches above the spot identified in step 1.
    Step 5: Move you cupped hand over the area in a slow counter-wise circle for a dozen rotations (be aware of energy exchanges between your hand and shoulder).
    Step 6: Keep your hand over the spot for five seconds before relaxing.
    Step 7: Press your middle finger on the spot identified in step 1 and rate the tension again from 0 – 10.
    Step 8: Let us know your results in the comments below.

    Most people in this experiment find that their tension levels are lower after completing the process. While this is a simple experiment, it is a great introduction into the world of energy medicine.

    Next week, we will look into the infamous equation E = mc2, what it means and the implications it has.

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