Nothing Rests, Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates.

Did you get a chance to check out your universal number for 2014? Have you begun to display the characteristics projected for you yet? Let us know!

Now it is time to move onto our next series, titled: Your Thoughts Create Reality. This will be covered in three parts and this week we will look at vibrations.

So what does ‘nothing rests everything moves, everything vibrates’ really mean? It is quite simply the law of vibration.

Imagine you’re reading this very article in a place that is pure silence. Look up and stare into space for a moment, everything is still around you. While it appears that everything is resting, nothing is in fact ever resting. After a few long days, we tell ourselves to rest which may involve a few lazy days on the couch or falling into a deep sleep for hours on end.

While we are under the illusion that our body is resting, metaphorically it is however you can be sure that not only is our heart moving, our whole body is 24/7. Every microsecond our body is moving with vibrations thousands of times.

These vibrations, we personally cannot feel. Matter is so small that every single existence, yes even air is moving and the floor with matter vibrating away while we are oblivious to this fact.

The reason we are not away of many inanimate objects moving is due to the frequency of the vibration within matter. In a brick, atoms are packed so tightly that there vibrations are only ever a tiny, tiny amount. Comparing this to something such as a stress ball, the matter is not packed so tightly therefore there is a chance for the matter to move which is why we can squish a stress ball but not a brick.

To finish today, a quote from Gautama Buddha:

“We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything.”

Next week, we will dig further into the subject, including a glimpse of the Donna Eden experiment and later on in the series e = mc2.

What Is Your Personal Number And What Does It Mean For 2014?: Part 2

Last week we learnt how to calculate your personal number for 2014 and looking into what you can expect in the year ahead for those with numbers 1 – 4. This week we will look at the personal numbers 5 – 9.

Tell me what you think of your year ahead, do you feel as though you are already on the right path in January?

Personal Number 5

2014 is your year to be a free spirit and try new experiences. No one will tell you what to do, it’s your choice do what you want, whenever and however you choose. Freedom will see routines left behind as you steer in a new direction. Be cautious though, freedom can quickly turn into recklessness; be aware of the consequences of indulging in unhealthy behaviors.

Personal Number 6

2014 year may appear dull to the likes of those with personal year 5, but you will accomplish a lot setting you up long term. You are responsible and compassionate especially with family and friends. Finishing up projects and making life adjustments will help going forward. Some of the negative characteristics to keep in check are paranoia, anxiousness and jealousy.

Personal Number 7

2014 will be a very introspective year, on your own you will consider your past actions and what you can learn going forward with your goals and relationships. You will become very knowledgeable; you should use it as a chance to educate others whether through conversation, speaking or writing. This will ensure you do not become distant, socially awkward and cowardly.

Personal Number 8

2014 is the year of power. You have the opportunity to become an influencer, taking on more responsibility. This extra power can be used in two ways, for the greater good or to boost your ego. For greatest success use the power to benefit yourself and the community equally. With your business like mind it is easy to become bullish and greedy, ensure you remain realistic.

Personal Number 9

This is a year to let go. Make a conscious effort to let go of the clutter. People and things come and go in life there is no need to hang onto these things, if it requires excessive effort it’s happening for a reason. Your systems and beliefs may change as you are generous, romantic and self-sufficient, do not let this come across as arrogance.

There we go, all 2014 personal numbers briefed. What do you think?

If you would like to get in depth information about your personal number, you can contact me with any of these methods.

What Is Your Personal Number And What Does It Mean For 2014?: Part 1

What Does Your Personal Year Number Mean? Part 1

Last week we looked at The Universal Year of 2014 and beginning to calculate our personal year number.

Let’s say your birth date is 16th November

Step 1: 16/11. 1 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 9
Step 2: Add 9 to the Universal Year. 9 + 7 = 16
Step 3: Reduce 16 to a single number. 1 + 6 = 7

Your Personal Year Number would be 7.

Before we get to the number seven we will look at what it means if your personal number is 1 – 4.

Personal Year 1

This year is all about becoming stronger in order to develop within. You will be focused and strong, creating new foundations in your life in areas of your choice. Going against the grain, you will be progressive, courageous and self-sufficient. Be careful however, you may come off as stubborn and selfish. It is okay to rebel, but ensure it is constructive.

Personal Year 2

Balance and harmony are what you seek in your life in 2014 with the assistance of others. You may feel as though nothing drastic has happened at the end of the year, but building relationships and helping out others will prepare you well going forward. Consider meditation with a group to achieve balance in your life, some may think you are lazy but do not become sensitive to these people you will make inroads to success.

Personal Year 3

Great news, you will be happy with your social and active year. Your creative talents will expand as you make more friends from writing, art, speaking or other creative interest. Start a journal, detailing all your thoughts and dreams, using art to express these thoughts is a great use of energy. When meeting these people, given your happiness be aware of how your impatience and extravagance may appear to others.

Personal Year 4

An interesting year is coming up for you in which you will display discipline, strength, reliability, hard-working, precision and trustworthiness. These are all done with a purpose of securing your future not in material possessions, but for your passion. Find what it is that you love, and keep in mind the saying “find a job that you love, never work a day in your life”.

Was one of the above numbers your personal numbers?

Is your pathway for 2014 clearer or have you felt yourself on the path already? I would love to hear your story.

If you would like to dig deeper into 2014, contact me today.

Next week, we will look at the personal numbers 5 – 9 and what 2014 will bring.

The Universal Year of 2014

Did you know that the Universal Year for 2014 is 7?  You do now.

To get the universal year we simply add the values of the numbers of the year together. For example:
2014: 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7
2002: 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4

As mentioned in last weeks post, the universal year of 2014 relates to healing ourselves. The energy that the number 7 brings, encourages us to digger deeper into what the past has meant for us and planet earth, and using those experiences to ask us what we can do in the future to take greater responsibility of the earth.

2013 saw the likes of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks release information to us that nearly the entire population was not aware of. The universal year of 7 indicates more of this information will come to light. In what fashion will it be? We cannot say for sure if the info will come through individuals or teams or anonymous sources. It is up to us to process this information and measure its effects and how we should adapt in a positive manner moving forward.

On the not so nice side, do not be surprised to see a rise in satire and sarcasm in the media as trust decreases worldwide. Global issues that were not resolved in recent years may resurface with tensions boiling over that may result in wars, though civil wars rather than between countries.

Tarot Cards

Two Tarot cards associated with the number 7 are The Chariot and The Tower.

Chariot: The Chariot card is related to achieving balance between mental and emotional faculties and material and spiritual planes.
Tower: The Tower card foretells meltdowns, calamities and unforeseen events out of which comes wisdom and understanding.

Next week we will dive into your personal number for 2014 and what you can expect for yourself this coming year. The first step in calculating your personal number is to add the number of your birth date.

Example: 16th November = 1 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 9.

What is yours?

Tune in next week to see the next step in calculating your personal number and what it means for you.

The Lead up to 2014

2012 and 2013 –  the Years of Change and Challenges

Many people experienced big changes and challenges in their lives including –

  • The beginnings of healing oneself by clearing out the old  that no longer serves to make way for the new.
  • The beginnings of releasing old energetic connections that no longer serve from present day and past lives (karmic release).The beginnings of repaying karmic debt to achieve karmic balance including matters around law and order and relationships.              image
  • Major life changes including job loss and relocation, moving house
  • creating stress and in many cases, poverty
  • Changes in relationships, relationship breakdowns and separation.The onset of health issues such as cancer and stress related illnesses, mental illness related to alcohol and substance abuse.
  • The effects of natural disasters and earthquakes  (this is our earth releasing and healing)
  • Nuclear meltdowns in some countries and the overhanging threat of nuclear war
  • The fear energy of the world coming to an end in December 2012 as predicted by the Mayans

What’s in store for 2014 -

Our world is in a numerology of number 7 (a universal number) which means

  •  Learning meditation to connect with the Divinities and the Earth to heal, find answers and have peace
  • Looking inward to find answers to maintain our own well being and and our life purpose here on Earth to be who we truly are

We also need to continue to –

  • Rest, contemplate, assist ourselves to heal, let go and move forward.
  • Repay karmic debt to continue to achieve karmic balance in our lives
  • Simplify our lives by removing the clutter in our lives such as un necessary material possessions and people who drag us down.
  • Research and practice techniques of releasing negative and unwanted energies, energy cords and personal energy protection.                                      image
  • Send healing energy to Earth to help with Earth’s recovery from man’s destruction.
  • Actively contribute to making a difference to improving our environment  and Planet Earth whether it is on an individual basis or as part of a collective cause.
  • Earth is also supposed to be in a resting and inward looking healing phase but this is hard for Earth to do this as -
  • There will probably continue to be nuclear meltdowns and radiation leakages from Nuclear reactors affecting the Earth itself,  countries and their inhabitants
  • There is still a threat of nuclear war in 2014 although many of us do not want to acknowledge that
  • There still will be underground mining operations continuing to affect the healing and balance of Earth

Other factors to consider are that

  • Natural disasters will continue  to affect people in some countries
  • The possibility of solar flares affecting our national power grids and hastening nuclear meltdowns

So yes 2014 is all about healing ourselves and moving towards living our life purpose but we must continue to send healing energy to Earth, connect with Earth, the Divinities and the Elementals to assist with this healing. Globally, Countries must start to take responsibility for what is happening to Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Clearing out the old to move forward in our lives

Moving forward is all about setting goals and making plans and finding ways of achieving those goals and plans.  It is all about realizing what our life purpose is, our passion and putting that into practice to be who we are. It is about making changes in our lives for the better but sometimes we cant do that because there is something holding us back or we feel stuck. Somehow we have to clear the way to move forward. It is like walking through thick bush, we have to clear the way first so we can then move forward and make some forward progress.

It is the same for us. In order to move forward we have to clear the way by releasing old energies, old cellular memory and patterns of behaviour that no longer serves us. If we don’t clear the way then it will become increasingly harder for us to make the much needed changes to be who we are and what we want to do.

This is particularly important at the moment because of the new higher vibration energies that are coming in.  The new energies are facilitating and enabling us to be true to ourselves and our soul and to do what our life purpose truly is as long as the old is let go to make way for the new. We need to make a conscious effort to do this other wise holding onto old stuff just makes it harder. We can become sick, we can become depressed, we can feel stuck because something needs to be released. Until the old  is released that no longer serves us the universe will continue to push against us, bringing up the old energies and experiences, the old feelings and patterns of behaviour to be healed and released. For example if you have an addiction of some kind then the universe will be bringing experiences to you that make you aware that you must do something about it. The addiction make get worse or you may become more aware that in fact you have a problem with an addiction and you need to do something about it. You may have had a lot of past and present day experiences with being victimized, then that energy has to be released as it no longer serves you, it keeps you stuck on your path and the universe will keep reminding of this until it is released.

If we want to be who our soul truly wants to be on this earth then we have to move up to the higher vibrations and energies so we need to clear the path to move forward.

What you can do to clear the old energies and  patterns to move forwardmoving forward

1. Meditate every day and ask to connect to Source/God and your divine helpers

2. See the source, bright white energy flowing through your chakras and connecting with God Geb, the God of the Earth

3. Ask God Geb to flow beautiful green earth energy up into your body through roots that connect your feet to the ground

4. Surrender and release all old energies, old cellular memory and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you to the Source/God and ask for these old energies to be transmuted into pure white light

5. See and feel these old energies flowing back down into the earth with the green earth energy through roots extending from your feet into the ground and see the old energies being being transmuted into bright white light.

Not all of the energies can easily be released. Sometimes there needs to be some extra work done.

What I can do to clear the old energies and patterns  to help you move forward

1. For more difficult energies connecting you to past lives, karmic release from all past life energies that no longer serve you may be required. I will be able to release these karmic energies for you over the phone. You will know that it is karmic because the old energies keep coming back through every day situations and you may have a feeling that this happened before but you don’t know when. They can be patterns of behaviour and even relationships but not learned in this lifetime. These are past life experiences and situations that needs to be released.

2. There may be energy cords connecting you to negative and dark energies of some kind and these need to be released.  These are called energy attachments.  Archangel Michael is able to release these for you. I am able to do a meditation with you over the phone with Archangel Michael to assist you with the release of these.

3. There may be Spirit attachments or lost souls who have attached themselves to you. These are the souls who have not made it to the light.  They can effectively hold you back by just being around with their heavy dense energies. Sometimes they can make you feel depressed or tired most of the time. They can be released to the light and Archangel Michael is able to do that for you when I perform a meditation with you.


Guidance & Answers for Relationship Issues

What’s happening to all of us here on planet earth 2013?

Psychic Suzanne It is apparent through the readings that I have done, 2012 has certainly been an action packed, fast moving year with energy coming in that has literally swept people off their feet and has created a lot of uncontrollable change and chaos in people’s lives. This has lead people to seek answers and guidance from spirit to make crucial life impacting decisions to survive and keep moving through the chaos in their lives.

2012 has been all about people learning how to embrace change, take action and move on from situations or people that longer serves them. By doing this and along with the energy shifts that we have been experiencing in 2012 our vibration has been raised and with that has come a sense of our life purpose and the development of an individual and global spiritual consciousness.

We certainly had a number of energy shifts throughout 2012 and a number of significant shifts in December 2012 but the end of the world did not come. Instead we had the return of the feminine energy or love energy as a major energy shift on the 12/12/12 which is the love energy of manifestation that is going to prevail in 2013.

2013 is an action year, all about you being who you are and building relationships. It is going to be all about you discovering and creating your life purpose, your passion and learning how to build loving relationships with oneself and with others.

So be who you are!

Think it, dream it, create it and put it into action now! It is now time for us to be living our true life purpose, doing things that bring us great passion and joy. We have to be true to ourselves and if we have wanted to be the best salesperson on earth then this is the time to become that. To do that we have to have a plan, dream it, create it, visualize it and put it into action. To do this we have to be in touch with our heart, connect with the love energy, feel what we want to be and do and really feel the emotion as if it is already reality.This is us being spiritual, our spiritual connection with the universe comes through the love energy of the heart.

We also have to learn to trust our intuition or gut feeling that what we are doing is true to us and will become reality.

The return of the feminine energy means that the focus is going to be around the heart, developing unconditional love for ourselves and for others. We are going to become more aware of our feelings and our emotions and coming to terms with these. The connection between head and heart will develop and we will learn to trust and use our intuition more in our everyday communication and decision making. Being in relationship with ourselves and with others is going to become increasingly important. We have to learn to build loving relationships with others in our personal lives, at work and with friends. Even on a global scale countries are going to be looking at building relationships between countries for world peace and improving global economy.
If you find it hard to come to terms with your heart felt feelings and emotions then there will be more challenges and healing for you in 2013. The traditional ways of dealing with issues and problems has come from a male energy perspective resulting in more aggression and violence. We will have to talk and learn how to do that in relationship with each other cooperatively rather than pull out the gun and fire. There still will be energy shifts in 2013 and eclipses and it will still be an action year with change but there will be less impact of change that we have all had to face in 2012 as long as we are able to consolidate all of the learning and healing from 2012 to become truly aware of who we are and those around us. We are still letting go of past hurts and pain but as our vibration increases and we learn to love unconditionally, this will become easier.

Live your life!

So now go for what ever you have wanted to do. Live your life. Approach it with heart felt desire and passion. Learn to feel things from your heart rather than as traditionally felt from the head. Use and trust your intuition which is from the heart. Feel and understand who you are and use the feminine energy to meet your needs and be who you are. Use your heart felt energy to develop relationships with self and with others. Understand how others feel to be able to be in relationship with them.. Develop relationships as a way of loving and getting on with others and to move forward in your personal life and workplace. We are surrounded by the feminine energy of love, love knows no barriers and love builds mountains so go for it!

Angel and Isis blessings to you all

All about relationships

One area that I have a lot of questions about on my 0900 50 500 psychic line is Relationships. Every day I will have a call about a relationship. Here are some of the actual relationship questions that people have rung my 0900 50 500 psychic line about and the ways I help them find answers and solutions to their relationship problems.

Common Questions about Relationships

  • I am having issues in my relationship, Things are boring and I feel the relationship is over. Why is this happening?
  • My relationship has broken up and I want to know if we will get back together again?
  • Has my partner been seeing someone else in the relationship? Has he/she been going behind my back?
  • I have found out that the man I have already been seeing already has a partner and I think there is another woman as well. He still wants me in his life. Do you think he will move on from these women to be with me?
  • I am finding it difficult to move on from my last relationship? Is there something holding me back?
  • Is there a relationship coming up for me in the future and when?
  • I have met a man and we work together and we both get on really well but I feel that he gets scared and pulls back. How does he feel about me? I want to know if there is a chance that we will have a relationship?

Find Relationship Answers

relationship problems
Solve your Relationship Problems

How can I help you find answers to your current situation? How will a reading benefit you?

It could be one or more of the questions I have described as above or you may have other question/s about a relationship.

Receiving messages and guidance from spirit and the use of The Tarot cards definitely helps to give people answers to a number of relationship issues and to predict when love is likely to come into your life. Doing energy work can also speed love into your life and karmic release and releasing energy cords can assist you to move on from a relationship that no longer serves you.

The choice is always yours or there is always free will no matter what spirit says to you or advises you. Spirit often gives you options i.e. more than one man or woman may come into your life at once. You are ultimately free to do what you think is right. Spirit will not judge you or punish you for your own decision making.

Stay positive and know that something good will happen and that the energy of love knows no barriers. Love builds mountains if you want love to come into your life. Spirit always helps those who have a positive outlook on life. Try not to worry about the situation, that only brings more fear and negativity to you.

Guidance from spirit

I will ask you some questions about your situation to allow me to tune into your energy and any other party involved. I call in my heavenly helpers and I ask them what is going on for you. I receive messages and guidance from spirit about what is happening, what is likely to happen and what are the options?

I will ask you what your star sign is and the star sign of any other party/s that are or have been connected. I can then pick up on your star sign energy and I can tell you when the universal energy of love is destined to come in for you to bring in new love relationships or to bring positive change and romance to an existing one.

Tarot card readings to find an answer

I look at my Tarot cards which gives me confirmation of the messages that I am receiving from spirit and what the outcome/s are likely to be. Looking at the cards also can give me an idea of when a relationship is likely to come into your life.

I will do some energy work and meditations with you.You can bring love to you sooner by practising the love mediation that I described above at least 3 times a day. This has overwhelming success. I use it myself with family members and I have had great success with clients as above as well as a friend has used it in a potentially violent situation with great success.

Karmic release to help you move on

If required I will do a karmic release to allow the love relationship to come into your life or to release a relationship that no longer serves you. Some times there is karma that is blocking a love relationship coming to you and it has to be cleared. Sometimes karma has to be cleared to move on from a relationship that is not serving you any more. At times if I feel that there are energy cords still holding a person in a relationship after the karmic release then I will call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to release these.

I may also suggest ongoing energy protection for you if an ex is harassing you and you are finding it difficult to move on from him or her. There are different techniques that I use to assist this situation and they can help the situation.

I can create miracle love meditations by calling in the God of creation, the angels of creation and other divinities whom assist to create a miracle of love. This miracle creation can be instantaneous or be dictated by divine timing i.e. the universe allows things to happen when they are supposed to.

After talking to me on my 0900 50 500 line spirit will now be connected and aligned to you. You need to continue to work on maintaining that connection with spirit to receive further guidance and messages. I can tell you how to continue to connect with spirit and we can practice that while we are talking on the phone.

Psychic Suzanne is now working full time from home

Psychic SuzanneI am now working from home doing my spiritual work and offering a number of services to you all. Spirit has been pushing me for sometime to do this and towards the end really put the pressure on me to leave my full time position in management. Spirit wants me to give guidance and healing and messages to people who need to move forward in their lives and 2012 is the year to resolve or heal anything that is not allowing you to move forward. I am available to do readings and healings for you daily and in the evenings by connecting to spirit to give you guidance and messages through a portal that has been opened up for me.

I have a number of very flexible options for you to choose from to suit your needs if you wish to have a reading or healing.

I am available for phone readings either through my 0900 50 500 line (NZ only) or by a landline phone which means I can talk with any one from around the world including New Zealand. Email me on if you are interested.

I am doing face to face readings for those people who live in Nelson, New Zealand, You can Txt on 022 699 0981 or email me on if you would like to catch up for a reading.
If you would like a face to face reading by Skype instead then email me on

I have had a number of requests to do email readings and I am readily available to do those, I can be contacted on You would need to email me any questions you might have or any areas of your life that you would like to have guidance and messages from spirit.

I am available on Facebook every day and evening if you wish to message me to book a reading or for more information about my services.

I am doing healings for people either face to face or over the phone. Often people know what changes they need to make in their lives but energetically their being is not ready to move forward. There may be a hurt from the past that needs to be cleared and healing this can open up new path ways to move forward. Email me on if you feel you will benefit from a healing.

Love and blessings to you all

Psychic Suzanne

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