Krazi Karma

I feel that the biggest thing that stops us from moving forward in our lives is karma. It creates many blocks and obstacles and it needs to be cleared to see a pathway forward.

What is Karma?

Karma means action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect”. – Whatever we put out in the Universe whether it is good or bad, is what comes back to us. This is what karma is.
There are two types of karma. There is present day karma and past life karma, which is karma accrued in past lives.

12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life)

Present day karma

In our present life we accrue good karma and bad karma by our actions. If we have done many good things then good will come to us. If we have done many bad things then that is what will come back to us. That is what is meant when people say they will get their karma if someone has done something wrong towards someone else. If people wish to repay their bad karma in this lifetime then they may do so by doing good deeds for others. This gets put against their rap sheet and the bad karma is dissolved. A bad deed will be weighted and so many good deeds have to be done to repay the bad deed.

Past life karma

Past life karma is karma that is accrued by our good and bad actions in the many lifetimes that we have had. Past life karma also includes all vows, oaths and life contracts that we have made in our past lives. The problem with past life karma is that it affects our present day lives significantly and creates many blocks and difficulties for people so they find it challenging to move forward or life is just a challenge. For some it can be difficult relationships, others bad luck and misfortune. As well for all of us to develop a light body to ascend to the 5th dimension, then all past and present karma has to be released. Past life karma cannot be cleared by doing good deeds in this lifetime, it has to be cleared by other means and one of the healing services that I do is karmic release which is clearing past life karma, oaths, vows and life contracts.

Here is an example of a karmic release that I have performed. A client contacted me about her relationship. She had been having difficulties in the relationship where the guy had doubts on and off about the relationship they had but they did get on well and had great times together. So I performed two karmic releases and wow what a change. He is now talking of commitment and says no more doubt! Wow!

If you feel that you are affected by karma, and things are going wrong in your life then you may need a karmic release.
Contact me at and I will be able to help you.


Think, Do, Be Positive

We are continuing to release old negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, karmic energy cords and the cellular memory of past pain and traumas. This releasing of the old energies and patterns is necessary as light continues to flood our planet.

Unfortunately this releasing can stir things up for some people. Some people may be moody, irrational and lashing out. Others could be jealous and sending bad vibes but whatever the reason for the negativity is, you can choose not to be part of it.

The following points will help you to think, do and be positive.

I can also assist you to clear any unwanted energies from around you. Contact me on 0900 50500 or go to to book a reading/healingpositive-affirmation-plan

  1. Stay away from negative people and situations if you can, if someone starts getting negative, radiate the energy of calm and in control, use positive language and remove yourself politely as quickly as you can
  2. Stay and feel in positive mode as much as you can, if something has annoyed or upset you, change your thoughts, (cancel, clear, delete) see yourself as a glowing ball of white light, go for a walk, listen to music or a meditation, do something positive for someone else or for a good cause
  3. If you are out and about or are in a negative situation or environment, be in protective mode, wear an imaginary metal shield, see yourself in a ball of mirrored light, ask for 100,000-warrior protector Angels to surround you or buy a crystal of protection to wear or carry around
  4. Cleanse and clear yourself of negative energy by visualizing yourself stepping into a waterfall of pure white light and ask the cleansing angels to surround you and to cleanse  you, listen to a sound cleansing meditation
  5. Cleanse and clear your home and working space daily -
  • You can burn incense, white sage and lavender throughout your home
  • Play high vibrational music or clang metal objects together (like a gong) to break down the negative energy
  • Flow the purple blue energy of Archangel Michael through your home and working space, asking for fear based, toxic energies and energies of psychic attack to be dissolved.


Clear To Receive Abundance And Prosperity

Somewhere along the way of our lifetimes we accumulate energy cord attachments to people, places, situations and objects that can block us from receiving abundance and prosperity. These energy cords can be fear based, of a karmic nature (oaths, vows and contracts from a past life) and of a power and control nature. We can also limit ourselves as to what we receive by our beliefs and experiences in our present and past lives. These could be issues of self-esteem, confidence or fear, saying to ourselves that we can’t receive abundance because we are not worthy or don’t have the power to manifest it.

Our heart chakra is the chakra of receiving all abundance. We also give from this chakra as well, (at the back of the chakra) but if your heart chakra is closed then there will be difficulties with either giving or receiving the abundance you so desire.

Here are some techniques to help you remove energetic blocks that may be stopping you from receiving abundance. 

  •  Call upon Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel and the cleansing Angels, see them in front of you and thank them for their presence.
  • See them flowing the pure white light of God down your spinal column and expanding out through your chakras into your physical and ethereal bodies, cleansing and clearing your chakras, physical and ethereal bodies
  • Ask for energy cords of fear, resistance, poverty, lack, power and control and limiting beliefs connected to people, places, objects and situations to be removed and sent back to source
  • Ask for any karmic energy cords and any oaths, vows and contracts from past lives of poverty, lack, abstinence, resistance and limiting beliefs connected to people, places, situations and objects to be removed and sent back to source
  • Ask for your heart chakra to be opened and balanced so receiving and giving is in equilibrium
  • Affirm every day, I am open to receive all forms of abundance with gratitude and visualize it flowing into your life in whatever shape and form
  • Be thankful and grateful every day for all of the abundance you have received

Contact Psychic Suzanne, if you need assistance in clearing energy blocks.

What is Love?

Love is primarily associated with our heart centre or chakra. It is that warm fuzzy feeling, that feeling of euphoria and floating on air that we have when we are in love with someone, or when total happiness and joy prevail in our lives. Love is universal. That means it is always there for the receiving. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone else to receive love. You can call upon God and his helpers to receive love, flowing and filling your heart centre to bring you peace and joy. When you are receiving love, then you too can send it out to the rest of the world.  To find out how to send love out to the rest of the world, read my post, The Healing Power of Love animated-heart-image-0673

Interestingly enough, Love can be explained by Quantum physics. Quantum physics is about waves. Love is made up of energy waves or vibration. Energy waves are made up of atoms. The faster the atoms are moving and colliding, the greater the wave frequency will be. Love is the highest vibrational energy of all the energies. When two atoms come into contact with each other, they experience a sort of “unconditional bond” with one another. When you touch someone’s heart, emotionally becoming attached to someone, or are sending love out to the world, something occurs. Your atoms, the building blocks of your presence in the universe become entangled with the other person or the people you are sending to.

The Love vibration also creates chemistry in the brain to get the feel good feelings in our heart, mind and body.  Lust love involves the increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and estrogen in sexual activity,  giving us the feel good love although it is somewhat temporary.

In true love, attachment, bonding and commitment between people occurs in time and the brain can release a whole set of chemicals: pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, which promotes long-term relationships, defence and parental support of children and feelings of safety and security. There does not always have to be a sexual intimacy in love. There can be deep love between friend and family members or as a deep bond like soldiers fighting together in battle.

There is also self-love, which is based on the premise, in order to care for others you need to be able to care about yourself. When you love your self then your heart centre is in balance between giving love and receiving love.

Love’s the one thing that can never hurt anyone, although it may cost dearly. The paradox of love is that it is supremely free yet attaches us with bonds stronger than death. It cannot be bought or sold; there is nothing it cannot face; love is life’s greatest blessing.




The Healing Power of Love

We are in desperate times here on Earth, with an obvious polarity between love and fear. The recent events in the Paris terrorist attacks demonstrate this, leaving many living in fear. If we are going to live in love and peace on this Earth then there needs to be a lot of healing done to change the prevailing energy from that of fear to that of love.

If every human being here on Earth sent love to everyone and everything here on Earth then the energy of love and peace would prevail. You will say, not everyone will do this, but if enough people send the energy of love to everyone and everything here on Earth then it will make a difference. It is better to make a difference rather than not make any difference at all.

Here are 2 easy meditations that anyone can do to send love to our world and its inhabitants without having to go to a workshop or do any online study.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and close your eyes. HealingLove

Meditation One

  1. Spread your hands out in front of you, palms upwards.
  2. See branches coming out of your hands and reaching upwards until they reach Source or God.
  3. Then see the energy of love flowing from God down the branches and into your hands. It can be whatever colour you want but pink is the traditional colour of love
  4. See this pink love expanding from your hands, filling up every cell in your body including expanding your heart space
  5. Then from your body and expanded heart space see the love energy expanding and expanding, through your aura, expanding through where you live, expanding across your country
  6. Keep expanding the love, across the oceans, into other countries, and through all of the victims and families of victims that have been affected by the atrocities and then through all of the inhabitants here on Earth
  7. Do this as often as you can, you will be helping to bring love and peace to Earth

 Meditation Two

  1. Call upon Archangel Michael and see a column of his golden light of love spinning above your head
  2. See the golden light spinning down into your body like a vortex, filling up every cell in your body including expanding your heart space
  3. Then from your body and expanded heart space see the love energy expanding and expanding, through your aura, expanding through where you live, expanding across your country
  4. Keep expanding the love, across the oceans, into other countries, and through all of the victims and families of victims that have been affected by the atrocities and then through all of the inhabitants here on Earth
  5. Do this as often as you can, you will be helping to bring love and peace to Earth





The Unexpected When Having a Psychic Reading

Many people call me for a psychic reading and ask specific questions. Others call for a general reading. You can Ph 0900 50500 for an instant reading or call 0800 505011/email to book a reading. Spirit is happy to relay messages and guidance to you and as I have said in many posts a psychic reading can lead to healing and ongoing coaching. This is because something has come up in a reading to be resolved, worked through and healed. However other unexpected things can come through from spirit and when consulting spirit you have to have an open mind. Sometimes we don’t want to believe what spirit is saying because it is too uncomfortable or basically unbelievable at the time.

Let me tell you a story about a woman who rang me on a regular basis for readings/coaching because her and her family members were organizing their sons wedding. It was a complicated situation because there were family members involved on the bride’s side of her family as well as the woman’s extended family. Through the readings/coaching with spirit we were able to work out a plan for the actual wedding itself. As there were many difficult personalities we were able to work a pathway of how to deal with the interaction of the parties involved to get the wedding organized. In the finish it worked out to be a very successful wedding and there was no discontent amongst all parties. images

However there was a bit of a snag, which I repeatedly pointed out to my client. Payment for the wedding was supposedly coming through another party however Spirit was saying that there would be delays and problems about the money coming through. My client said that the money would come through after the accounts for the expenses had been presented. Spirit kept saying no, there was something dodgy going on and I relayed to my client from spirit what was happening. There was still disbelief!

Well the invoices for the wedding expenses were presented and when it came time for payment the money was not there. It had been used for something else. Well thanks again to spirits guidance the money eventually came through.

This was the unexpected and my client could not believe what spirit was saying until it actually happened. I can understand this but it pays to have an open mind because the unexpected will come up in a psychic reading and spirit are merely pointing out that not everything is always the way that you perceive it to happen.



Suzanne the Psychic as the life coach

Suzanne, the Psychic as the life Coach

 I am now a qualified Breakthrough life coach and an Abundance life coach, as well as a qualified Psychic/tarot card reader, Reiki Master healer and coaching

The past week I have gone back to an academic platform to learn about the structure of life coaching and other coaching approaches to add to my tool kit as a psychic, healer , teacher and psychic life coach.

Traditional Life coaching fits very well along side my belief that I am working through spirit to promote positive change in peoples lives. This what I do all the time when I am doing a psychic reading and healing.

Very often though there has to be a change to someones underlying beliefs. You may be behaving in a particular way that you think is positive for for you but at times you slip up. The behaviour reverts back to the old behaviours and this is a clear indicator that the underlying beliefs need to change.

Changing the underlying beliefs, I believe is the key to making permanent positive changes in your life. I do this through a psychic reading and energy healing to shift the old energies at a cellular level but now I have other techniques as well to assist the change, so my tool kit has expanded. FullSizeRender

So in essence I am saying that the approaches used in traditional life coaching are other ways of healing a person so they can change the underlying beliefs and move forward positively. Using language patterning, questioning techniques, parts integration, hypnosis and meditation are some of the techniques that I learnt about. And yes I will incorporate these techniques into my spiritual work along with a more structured approach to coaching.

These are some of the questions you may ask yourself when you are considering life coaching with a psychic approach.

  • Are you stuck in your life and want to move forward?
  • Do you want to set yourself goals and achieve these goals?
  • Do you want to build confidence and self esteem?
  • Do you want to get the job or relationship that you want?

Contact me if you think Psychic life coaching is for you.







Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Reading About Making A Job Change

A lot of people call me about their jobs, whether their job situation is going to get better or whether they should move onto something else. Often people are stuck about what sort of job they should do and don’t really want to make a career change because of loss of income. Others are desperate and just have to find another job because they are so unhappy and stressed. Some people need to get a job because of financial reasons.  

Here are five reasons as to why you should have a reading about making a job change.

1. When you have an inner knowing that the job is not right for you anymore and you are only doing it for the money to pay the bills

2. When you don’t have the passion or interest in the work that you do and you feel you should be doing something else but you don’t know what

3. When you feel like you have tried everything to improve the situation in your workplace that is causing stress and nothing works, no matter what you do, it’s a no win situation.

4. When you feel that you are undervalued and are worth more and the boss wont listen even though you work very hard

5. When you suddenly see a magical position advertised and you just have to apply for it but you don’t know if you will get it

Call 0900 50500 (pay by phone connection) or 0800 505011 (pay by credit card) for a reading now.

If you feel you still want to stay In your current job then I offer ideas in my recent posts as to how you can improve your work place experience – 7 Ways to Have A More Positive Experience In The Workplace Workplace Bullying and Is The Job Getting On Top Of You


Psychic Suzanne – Helping You Release And Clear

I am finding more and more that my psychic clairvoyant readings are taking on a new dimension. I am referred to as a psychic clairvoyant but I have more and more people referring to me as their Psychic, their Coach and Healer’. The healing is becoming interwoven with the reading so they go hand in hand like a DNA helix thread. ADN_animation

A lot of people are feeling under pressure at the moment with old stuff coming up that needs to be released and cleared. The global shift is all about shifting everything that is blocking your way to reconnect with your true self and to clear, cleanse fears, lack, unworthiness, sexual repression, abusive relationships, unforgiveness, doubt……. that no longer serves you and blocks your ability to live a vital abundant life in harmony with your passion and purpose.

Sometimes you cant do all the healing and releasing yourself and you need a bit of help so yes people are calling me for a reading on my 0900 50500 psychic line and saying that they are feeling stuck and confused and not sure what direction to go in or simply what to do. This can be in their present or past relationships, workplace, moving house or changing jobs. I give them guidance and messages from spirit but I am also able to give them some healing as well to help release what ever it is holding them back so they can move forward.

S rang me and said that her ex partner had verbally abused her and it left her feeling sick, vulnerable and she felt like he had ripped her heart out of her chest. All her dreams that she was putting in place to move forward all seemed to go out the window. I explained to her that her ex was taking her power away from her, to immobilise her and to stop her moving forward to have a successful, happy life. She could see what I meant but didn’t know how she could break free from the immediate effects of his abuse towards her. So I did some healing, dissolving away the negative energy and energy cord attachments and hey presto!. A new woman and back on track.

Here are her comments –

“Thank you, thank you for your help, you are a miracle worker, I am definitely feeling better, you are a super power. Ive had an awesome day and all of a sudden Im looking forward to my future again. I can see it and it looks great that is amazing….. this morning I felt I had no future to speak of after he tore me apart, and now im back on track. Im back with a vengeance yay, thank you thank you.”



How To Release And Heal

The recent global shift is still bringing up old energies that no longer serve us to be released and cleared.
Here is a lovely mediation that you can do in the shower first thing in the morning. It is a good meditation to help release and clear any energies that are still hanging around after the global shift.
Take a few breaths, in through the nose and out through your mouth.
Imagine standing in a crystal clear waterfall. There are beautiful trees all around and the water feels soothing and refreshing as it is splashing down and around you. As it sprinkles down imagine the water warm, cool or just the temperature you like it. See the water fall cleansing your energy field, releasing old thoughts, feelings and emotions and any energies that no longer serve you.
See these old energies flowing down with the water back into mother earth to be transmuted back into pure white light. If you are in the shower then you can imagine the old energies flowing down the plug hole. Imagine yourself feeling lighter and squeaky clean as the water flows down over you. 1331957
Then imagine golden roots growing out the bottom of your feet and growing down into the earth, 12 kms down to connect with the heart space of mother earth. As you are connecting to mother earth feel that support and unconditional love that she has for you. See that love and support coming up the roots and filling up your heart space. See the energy flowing and filling your heart space, breathe in and out of your heart space and gently expand your heart space at the same time.
Imagine brances coming out of your hands, reaching up high in the cosmos and the heavens and connecting with Source or Creator God. Then see the pure source light from Source or Creator God pouring down the branches and into your heart space. Breathe in and out of your heart space and see the energy flowing and filling your heart space. As you are breathing in and out of your heart space, feel your heart space expanding with the pure source light.
View my previous post at that gives you some other great ideas to release and clear.
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