Release And Heal An Addiction

Many people call me about relationships, financial and work problems. Sometimes there is an underlying addiction of some kind. Sometimes the person is not aware or doesn’t want to acknowledge that they have an addiction but knows that their activities affects them in many difficult and compromising ways.

An addiction can be treated with conventional methods but there are non-conventional ways too. Healing can be an effective way of treating an addiction as it removes the energy attachments, energy blocks and the cellular memory/energy of the addiction and the underlying cause from the cells of the body. Hypnosis can also be helpful and karmic release to clear old beliefs and energetic connections from past lives.
Call me on 0900 50500 for insight and guidance from spirit as to what you should do or you can book a session at or email me at   addiction2

What is an addiction?

  • The addictive activity is repeated to sustain physical and mental cravings and sensations, as it is difficult not to continue.
  • Addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs, alcohol and nicotine, but it’s possible to be addicted to just about anything, including: The internet, work, solvents, weight, exercise, food, sex and shopping.

What causes addictions?

  • An addiction can be a way of blocking out difficult issues. I feel there is always an underlying emotional problem, stress or some painful past experience that is linked to the addiction.
  • There is always a cellular memory or energy that is retained in the body’s cells – of the addictive activity/substance and the underlying emotional problem, stress or some painful past experience that is linked to the addiction. There also are energy blocks and energy attachments.
  • Unemployment and poverty can trigger addiction, along with stress, emotional or professional pressures.
  • Some studies suggest addiction is genetic and the cellular memory of the energy of the addiction is passed down through the generations
  • Environmental factors, such as being around other people with addictions, are also thought to increase the risk.
  • Some research suggests that the presence and the attachment of spirits and negative entities around and to the person can contribute to the addiction by enticing and coercing a person to continue the addictive activity.

What are the effects of an addiction?

  • An addiction can get out of control because you need more and more to satisfy a craving and achieve the “high”.
  • Managing an addiction can seriously damage your personal life, work life, personal relationships and financial security

 Getting help for addictions

  • You could see your GP for advice
  • Contact an organization that specializes in helping people with addictions.
  • Energy healing, karmic release and hypnosis

8 Ways To Have A More Positive Experience In The Workplace.

1. If you are not having a positive experience in the workplace then I recommend that you have a psychic reading as a starting point, to identify the challenges in your workplace and how to improve the situation.

2. If the job you are in doesn’t make you feel like that then it could be worth considering changing jobs to something that is more aligned to your true calling. I can also do a career-focused reading with a discovery of your true calling, ie what are you aligned to doing here on earth plane?

3. You can book a reading at or call me on my psychic line, 0900 50500.

4. If the psychic reading resonates with you then spontaneous healing and changes in cellular memory can occur, releasing blockages and allowing the energy to flow. workplace

5. You can also read my recent posts for self-help ideas in the workplace – Workplace bullying  and – Is the job getting on top of you? 

6. I can help you put energy protection around yourself on a daily basis to help soften the energy of the work mates and the bosses.

7. If the workplace challenges are of a karmic nature then I can release karma that has been accrued between you and your work mates and the workplace

8. I can do some specific healing to help you to stand in your power and put boundaries in place in your workplace, to learn to say “no”, negotiate priorities with your boss and to stand up for your work rights

9. I can help to release old fears and belief patterns that you have that are holding you in a job that no longer serves you.







Is The Job Getting On Top Of You?

People call me about their jobs, things are getting on top of them and they feel like they are not coping. Here is some guidance that spirit has given to people in this situation.

  1. Get spiritual. Connecting with your spiritual roots through prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting or other spiritual practices is an excellent way to relieve that overwhelming work pressure. Learn an energy protection technique like being surrounded by a white or blue energy bubble. This helps with difficult work mates or the boss.
  2. Consult with a mentor, spirit will make suggestions as to who is a good person to speak to be of assistance.
  3. Don’t allow anyone to take your power away from you or to intimidate you. See my post at for ideas from spirit about managing bullying
  4. Get proactive and start a buddy group. If anyone is feeling the stress then they join the group to mediate, practice yoga or even get someone in to give a shoulder and neck massage at lunchtime. Stress In The Workplace 4
  5. If you are feeling really depressed, suicidal and anxious and cant see a way out, consult with your doctor. Take a few days off if you have the leave.
  6. Cultivate gratitude. Things will go wrong throughout our workday, or at least not according to plan. This is inevitable. We can take the sting out of these negative events by focusing on what’s great in our life. Each day, write down or say three things you are grateful for.
  7. Meditate regularly. Do a meditation practice that works for you even if it’s only five minutes a day—The next time you get stressed because your boss just added another task to your already overflowing to do list, stop and take a breath. Shake out your body, and meditate for a few minutes.
  8. Put some boundaries in place around workload. Learn to say “no” or negotiate priorities with your boss. Be aware of what your job description is and stick to it if you can. Take a course in time management.
  9. Don’t lose sight of your life purpose. Spirit will often say to people that the work they are doing is not aligned to their life purpose. What is it that you do that makes you buzz or feel really passionate about? If the job you are in doesn’t make you feel like that then it could be worth considering changing jobs to something that is more aligned to your true calling. If you are not in the position to do that then you need to look for a hobby or activity outside the workplace that brings you success, joy and happiness so then at least you are doing something that you are aligned to.
  10. Schedule some time with a loved one or family member to take a walk or bike ride as close to Mother Nature as you can. No work talk allowed, and no cell phones. Disengage from work and reengage with those that matter.
  11. Find some time to play. Get out and have fun with your mates. Go kayaking, mountain biking, play tennis. Gaiety, playfulness and laughter will lift your energy so that you will return to work feeling rejuvenated and filled up.
  12. Sometimes spirit says it is just time to leave the job and find something new. If you are in an endings energy for the coming year then what no longer serves you in your life will be moved away, making way for the new.




How To Make Your Relationship More Loving

A lot of people call me for a psychic reading about their romantic relationship, saying that it is not going that well and how can they make it better. I can give you a psychic reading for your own personal situation but here are some of the common answers from spirit that have come up with other clients. IMG_3400

Spirit says,

  • Give up problem solving in a relationship. It’s all about adopting and practicing loving actions and words towards each other.
  • Speak nicely to one another.  Listen to your words and the words that you partner uses when you talk. Try to use words that come from a loving perspective to model to yourself and your partner.
  • Be Compassionate and understanding in your relationship. See the big picture. An unhappy experience that has happened in the past will leave its scars on a person.
  • Be more loving towards one another and work on displaying signs of affection, like hugging and kissing.Practice give and take, being selfish is not giving, it is taking. Often couples having the same star sign can mean that they want things their way or stay in control
  • Practice restraint, stay calm and walk away from a brewing argument and don’t over react. Spirit says excuse yourself, get out of range, come back and change the subject. Have a hug!
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and change your behaviours to be more loving, caring and considerate. If you flirt with someone else then of course your partner is going to feel jealous.
  • Be more accepting of your partner, Spirit says to look past the faults and only see love. There are some things you cannot change. Remember you are not perfect. It’s easy to judge others without looking at your own faults.
  • Spend regular time together, just you and your partner. Do a spiritual practice together like meditation or tantric.
    Make sure you are doing the things that bring happiness  to you both.
  • Do something different, make a change, be spontaneous, go away for a surprise weekend or overseas. The other day spirit suggested a house move for a client because it would bring in new energy and a new focus for both people in the relationship.
  • Adopt a spirit of good will towards one another. Focus on the good things in the relationship.. Make a plan to talk more and sort out miscommunications in a positive, loving way. Spirit says that you and your partner should talk for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Forgive past mistakes that you have both made. Spirit can help you do this with meditation and healing work. Not being able to forgive your partner blocks the flow of love in a relationship.
  • If spirit exposes difficult issues in your relationship, like addictions, excessive anger, trust, infidelity and financial problems then more energy work is required to change underlying belief systems by meditation, energy healing and hypnosis. I can help you with these issues on an ongoing basis.




Another Psychic Reading And Another Miracle Healing

What started out to be a psychic reading for a client ended up with miracle healings and now I am the coach, facilitating positive change in my clients life on an ongoing basis to where my client want to be through the messages, guidance and healing that my client is receiving.

My client rang me to receive messages and guidance about selling a house, which  had been on the market for some time. I gave my client messages and guidance as to what to do then I said I should do an energy clear on the house which would also speed up the process. I did the energy clear on the house with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael’s assistance and as I was doing it my client was saying, “I can feel all of this energy coming into my heart and something is releasing and I am feeling very emotional, like all of the old hurts and sadness is leaving me.” My client contacted me a week later and said that a miracle healing had occurred. There had definitely been a big release! My client didn’t feel the sadness and hurts of the past any more and my client had this confidence that my client could do anything and nothing was holding my client back. My client had had addictive tendencies previous to the healing and now that had gone too. moving forward

My client asked me to do another healing to specifically move my client forward to actualize my client’s goals to be where my client wants to be. Wow, again my client felt this huge release as if all the blocks that had been stopping my client suddenly released. A week later my client sent me this message  –

“Suzanne, thank you, thank you, I have not felt such peace and contentment since I don’t know when. So great circumstance changes for me. I have made huge strides in the last week and I’m sure it’s all down to your angel healings. I’m taking better care of myself, I am more aware of where I’ve been going wrong and what needs to be done to put things right. I feel like my eyes have been opened and now I am truly on the move.  I know what to do now. It is all so clear.”

You don’t have to have a miracle healing like my client above to experience positive change in your life but if you find the message and guidance that you receive through a psychic reading with me resonate with you (changes in cellular memory occur which allows the healing energy to come through) and I become your coach then you will be moving in the direction of fulfilling your goals and dreams.



Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is something a lot of people call me about. This can be between co workers but it more often to be between a manager/superior and the person concerned. It causes a lot of stress to the person being bullied and can result in the person suffering stress related illness, physical illness and in some cases people leave their jobs because they can’t take it anymore. Bullying always has the energy of fear around it. The bully feels fear because of his/her inadequacies and the person who is bullied feels and exhibits fear because he/she feels victimised. Fear is the underlying theme. bully

About the bully

1. The bully commonly feels feelings of pain, fear, inferiority, inadequacy, powerlessness and there will be an underlying cause as to why the person is a bully.
2. The bully often has no boundaries, usually because their boundaries have been harmed or violated in some way (often through abuse they suffered).
3. The bully looks for victims, those who appear weaker and show fear
4. The bully always needs healing of some kind because they have suffered pain themselves and have to project their pain on others.

Suggestions as to how you can manage a bully from a down to earth perspective

1. Keep a diary of the bullying episodes and emails/memos. This could be very useful evidence if you do follow up with a personal grievance
2. Talk to your Human Resources section of your workplace and voice your concerns if you can – find out if there is a ‘bullying in the workplace policy’ in your workplace.
3. If there are others who are being bullied as well, maybe you can join rank and work together to approach Human Resources and/or management higher up
4. Find a mentor outside of the workplace (google workplace bullying) to give you information, guidance and support, this could be a friend, an employment consultant, union rep, a psychic (Psychic Suzanne).  Try to work out an appropriate strategy to deal with the situation or if all fails, consider mediation as an option

Suggestions as to how you can manage a bully from a spiritual perspective

1. Stand tall, self assured and proud and never demonstrate fear or see yourself as inferior – imagine that you have roots like a tree going into the Earth, and that you are powerful and immovable. This is the principle of grounding.
2. Look the bully in the eye with respect, not with fear. Don’t judge him/her. As soon as you disrespect or judge the bully you are showing fear and are putting your self in the victim position.
3. Try to have compassion for the bully, it he/she who has the underlying problem, not you. This helps you to stand aside from the situation and be more powerful. This is a big test for you and hard to do but very empowering.
4. Call upon Archangel Michael and the angels to help you and stand with you in divine protection. Imagine Archangel Michael standing directly behind you with his sword of protection.
5. Visualise a magnificent sun above your head, sending you a beam of light that enters your body through the top of your head, filling your body so full with light that it overflows all around you and surrounds you with a bubble of divine light. This light is your forcefield of protection that serves as your personal space in this world. Victimizers rarely attack those who are strong and self-assured, so you must stand tall, and expand your forcefield of light around you. The more you feel threatened and afraid, the more you must expand your light.
6. Call upon the angels and deities of healing and ask them to send the bully angelic healing, peace and calm. Bullies do not have clearly defined boundaries so see him/her surrounded in their own forcefield or bubble of light which acts as a boundary for them and slows down the flow of victimisation energy to you.
7. If you are still finding the situation difficult then book a reading with me. There are some other energy techniques that I can do to help you and the situation.

Spontaneous Healing

Many people call me back on my psychic lines or book another reading because what I have told them in a reading has become reality and of course they want more messages and guidance from spirit. Often as the guidance and messages resonate with a person then universal healing comes through spontaneously without people realizing or me having to do the healing consciously. It is as if the healing is woven into the guidance and messages that are coming through from spirit. The healing energy that is coming through in turn creates changes in the cellular memory and releases the old energies that are blocking the person. This in turn facilitates a positive change in their life to move on and forward to a better space.

Here are two examples of what I mean image

D rang me up about the progress of her building project. She was building some town houses and wanted to know about some legal requirements and what should she do to enable them to sell quicker. She also said that she had been really unwell with cancer but was in remission.  She said that she had a lot of fatigue and felt like she didn’t have any get up and go. She said also that every morning she woke up that she felt depressed and worried about the whole project. Two months later D rang me again. She said things had been going really well and things were falling into place for her with the building project and the guidance I gave her was very accurate and helpful. D also said that since she spoke to me she had more bounce, like a new lease of life and she no longer felt depressed and worried about the project. She felt that something shifted after she spoke to me. This is an example of  spontaneously healing occurring at the same time as the reading. The messages and guidance resonated with D and the healing happened.
R called me on an ongoing basis about a relationship that she had been in and it had broken up. She was dealing with grief, anger and also being addicted to the man that she had been involved with. She couldn’t get him out of her head. She told me she didn’t want healing, she just wanted to talk. Every time she rang I would give her messages and guidance about what was affecting her at the time. Every time she spoke to me there was obvious improvement in what was bothering her and when she rang back she would say she felt so much better. The big one was getting the man out of her head. This took a few sessions but eventually she was healed! R rang me back and said, I don’t think about him any more. He has gone! This is another example of healing happening at the same time as when I was giving her guidance and messages from spirit.
The words resonated with R so spontaneous healing came through.

Psychic Suzanne – The Psychic, The Healer, The Coach

Psychic Suzanne – The Psychic, The Coach, The Healer IMG_1758

I am finding more and more that my psychic clairvoyant readings are taking on a new dimension.  I am referred to as a psychic clairvoyant but I have more and more people referring to me as their ‘Coach and Healer’.

Many people call me back on my psychic lines or book another reading because what I have told them in a reading has become reality and of course they want more messages and guidance from spirit.

Others call me back because the healing that I have done as part a reading has also created positive change in their life, to move forward to a better space. In many cases as the guidance and messages resonate with a person then healing comes through spontaneously without people realising or me having to do the healing consciously.

And then I become the coach, facilitating positive change in a person’s life on an ongoing basis to where they want to be through the messages and guidance and healing that they are receiving.

Here is a testimonial from a client demonstrating what I do and how it is moving M forward to realize her dream!

“I started to work with Suzanne about 16 months ago, we have covered many topics in my life all have been very informative and immensely helpful. One instance in particular stands out and that was when Suzanne forwarded information to me which exposed a certain person in my life, I had my suspicions but she gave me specifics, to be privy to that sort of information certainly gave me the power to be one step ahead of the deceit and betrayal. Suzanne’s insight and channelling from spirit are nothing short of amazing. To know I have the support and guidance not only from Suzanne but those in the heavens is truly comforting, I feel very blessed to know her and of her special gift. Our last 2 sessions have involved healing and clearance of myself and my property, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses were called in and all I can say is WOW, very powerful  – is all very real as I felt strong physical sensations taking place from my throat to my solar plexus particularly in my heart area. I am looking forward to the future now with joy and enthusiasm knowing with every connection with Suzanne brings me that one step closer to realising my dream. Suzanne ….Thank you Thank you Thank you Blessings” M



Realise Your Dreams

Wave X energy  has flooded our planet to raise our cellular vibration so our bodies are lighter and some will be transcending into the fifth dimension. All year we have been working towards this day by allowing old cellular memory to move and shift. We have had a lot come up within our bodies, minds, hearts and lives to be resolved and released and by allowing this to happen we are learning to move into peace and kindness towards ourselves and others and to reap the rewards for our hard work.
Now recovery time for a week or so to replenish our energy and allow the new energies to synchronise within. Click here for take care and self care suggestions.
Then go for it, as October 2015 is the month to  launch into new projects and to realise and manifest your dreams. So stay focused, don’t look back and create as the timing is perfect.

I am wishing you all blessings of  all forms of abundance.


Self Care and Take Care

The energy is VERY intense this coming week with the Equinox, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse all occurring this week (in addition to Mercury Retrograde) and Wave X (a super wave of high vibrational light) will flood our planet on the 28th September. This means we must self-care, keep our energy levels up so our health and well-being does not suffer and keep ourselves balanced and grounded.

Here are some techniques to assist you

1. Fear, worry and negative thoughts can be very consuming if you are feeling tired. Call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to flow his purple, blue, high vibrational light of love through you, dissolving all fear and worry based energies from your physical and auric bodies. You should feel a warmth and instant relief. Keep doing this until the fear and worry stops.
2. Meditate or take a nap. 40 winks is great. Listen to gentle music if you don’t want to sleep. If you are taking a shower see it as a cleansing meditation. As the water washes off you see the negativity being released and washed away.
3. Engage in prayer first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Tell God and the angels your problems and ask for miraculous solutions to move you forward in your life.
3. Connect with nature, go for a walk, sit in the sun or lie on the grass. As you are doing this see golden roots coming out of your feet and growing down and anchoring in the earth. Then see all the old unwanted energies flowing down out of your body and into Mother Earth. This helps to balance and ground you. IMG_3392
4. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and take regular exercise to remove toxins from your body
5. Take a sea salt bath. One of the oldest, and most practical forms of shifting, infusing and activating the aura is through water. Soaking for 15 minutes is a warm bath of sea salt will draw out impurities in the energy bodies, and release worn-out patterns from the aura. You can enhance this process by dropping in a few key crystals. This will infuse the water with the vibration of the stone, and in turn infuse the aura.
6. Using crystals is a wonderful way to heal, balance and ground oneself. Simply holding a crystal will activate its energy in your aura and make you feel better.
7. Do not let yourself get sucked into needless drama. Those who are unaware of energies may act-out in angry ways, as they try to fight against the energy.
8. If you need assistance to self care, release and heal you, click here to book a reading/healing with me now or you could go to to book a distance healing session.

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