Out of the endings and into the new

I am open to receiving blessings of abundance and wealth from the universe! October is a month of action without the ups and downs of September. October is the 10th month and carries the energy of number 1 or new beginnings. It is a good month to sign any contracts yielding a positive outcome. At the moment we are moving out of the endings energy of number nine (2+0+1+6 =9) and this endings energy has peaked during the retrograde and September. (09/09/09).

To celebrate moving into calmer waters after the retrograde, ending on the 22nd September, I am offering a phone or Skype reading for $85.00 for one hour until the end of October.

See what new beginnings are coming up for you. Message me on Facebook or email on Psychicsuzanne@xtra.co.nz to book a time.



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