Reassess and Resolve

Well, a prefix is placed before the root of a word and this one, re means “again.” All you need to remember is that during any Mercury Retrograde cycle, if you’re doing something that begins with “re” such as reassess, revise, revisit, reconnect, redo, recall, resay, refresh, you’re right on track.
If you’re not then stop immediately or else suffer the Mercury Retrograde turmoil.
So today’s blog is saying that it is really important right now to reassess your life. Take the mask off and take an inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel to assist you. Take time to be alone and ask Jeremiel to help you review where you have been, what you have learned, what patterns you are ready to release and what you are grateful for in your life.FullSizeRender
It takes courage to do this but take a piece of paper and write down everything that is not working for you at the moment. Then reassess as to whether you can fix it to make it work for you. Maybe it is to heal an unhappy relationship or situation. If that is not possible then you may have to resolve to release it and move on.
However don’t do anything just yet, wait until Mercury is direct. Then take action after Mercury retrogade has passed.
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