Sound Familiar?

Let me tell you a story that is told to me many times over by callers. For each caller there are different circumstances and events but the underlying themes are the same.

A woman was looking for a loving relationship and she met a man on the internet and he appeared to be caring and loving. He said that he really wanted a loving committed relationship and he wanted to move on from the past. He said that he had been involved in two previous relationships, ended up marrying and divorcing each woman. He said that he had let everything go from the past and wanted to make a new start. At first things were a little tense. She didn’t know what he really felt about her and he found it difficult to show her any real affection. They talked about it and he made a real effort and was more loving towards her. They continued to date and to get to know each other and all seemed to be going really well. They were seeing each other three times during the week and spending most weekends together.070103--064014.jpg

Then suddenly he went off the radar. He didn’t text back and then finally a text came through. He was back in his hometown because he said that one of his friends had suddenly fell sick. She wanted to know why didn’t he tell her that his friend was sick and that he was travelling to see him. He said that he was too stressed about the friend being ill.

She started to get suspicious because one of his ex wives lived in his hometown but he had reassured her in the past that he didn’t have any contact with the ex wife. Then suddenly he turned up again at her house at 3am in the morning as if nothing had happened. He reassured her that nothing was going on with the ex wife and that he was not in contact with her. They continued to date but things werent the same. He wasn’t so chatty and happy and he appeared distant.

A few weeks later the same thing happened again. He stopped texting and wouldn’t reply to her texts. Then he turned up again out of the blue with a different story. This time he was called away on urgent business. Then the bomb shell hit. One day he came around to see her and left his cell phone sitting on the kitchen bench. The phone flashed and a text came through. The woman picked up the phone and there was a text from the ex wife……………..

Sound familiar?

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