Trust your Ego? or Trust your Gut?

We have two indicators inside of us. One is the ego or our mind, telling us or questioning what we are doing and the other is intuition, our gut feeling which gives us feelings or a feel good about what is right to do.

Our ego is like the moderator, if we are thinking about doing something different that is taking a risk then our ego will step in and say well is this really what you want to do? Do you think it is the right thing? Our ego is very much fear and doubt based, it is that little voice that is within our subconcious mind that is coming to the surface to make us rationalise or use a logical thought pattern as to why we should or shouldn’t do something. Its like a block and it takes a bit of clearing.images-111

On the other hand our intuition is our inner knowing or some people say our higher self. It is trusting what our heart centre is saying or our gut feeling. When things feel right then that is your intuition coming into play but sometimes your ego can talk you out of what you feel is right. You may ask, how do you know the difference between your ego and intuition? Close your eyes and think about what you want to change or do. Then ask yourself, is this right for me? I find that I get a very clear yes in my mind and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart centre. That is intuition. The more you connect with your intuition the more you trust what you are feeling.

Let me tell you a story to demonstrate ego versus intuition. A woman kept feeling like she should be moving house and moving location. That was her intuition, that where she was living was not the right place for her. She felt that many things had gone on in the house and she needed to get away from that. She also felt that it was time for a change, that the next house she was going to have would be over looking the sea and it would be in a better location than where she was.

But then there were the nagging thoughts, What if she couldnt sell her house and find somewhere else to live? Well there is nothing wrong with the house where she is living now. It was close to the shops, it was sunny and very cosy. The section was easy care and flat. So why would she want to move house? She had everything that gave her a comfotable lifestyle.. This was her ego coming into play, acting as the moderator saying well, is this a really good idea?

So yes when we know what we are doing feels right in our gut, we have to trust and not allow our ego to put us off track and inadvertently stop us from doing something that would work out very well for us.

Well the woman did move house and after a month in her new house she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t moved house years ago. She wished that she had trusted her intuition earlier and not had doubt or fears about what she felt was right to do.

What you are feeling in your gut about something in your life? Having a reading can confirm that your intuition is correct and your ego is in fact holding you back. Call me on 0900 50500 for an instant reading or book a reading on 022 0429652.

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