What’s happening for you in 2016?

Wouldn’t you like to know what is happening for you in 2016?


I can do a psychic reading for you and give you very important information from Spirit. Call me on  0900 50500 if you want an instant reading. Call my cell phone, 022 0429652 to book a reading or book online 

Maybe you want an overview– A 12-month forecast for 2016 covering love, relationships, housing, health, money, work, travel, opportunities and challenges ahead

Or maybe you want to specifically know about other things–
What messages your Guides, Loved ones and Angels have for you for this coming year
Any issues or matters to do with relationships – romantic, family, workplace and friendships
Finding a new love relationship in 2016
Dealing with workplace difficulties and possible job/career changes and prospects
Your health and having a healthier lifestyle
Any opportunities coming up that are positive
Selling your house and/or buying a house
Prospects of travel in 2016
You feel that there is a spirit or negative energy around you or in your home and would like more information about this and/or have it removed

Or maybe something else

Psychic Suzanne


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