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Psychic Consultant, Emotional Weight Management Coach and Holistic Healer

With guidance and messages from spirit, I do inspirational, accurate readings about anything you want guidance and messages for. A psychic reading can include healing.

“The accuracy of Suzanne’s was astounding, she was amazing and I was very impressed with her professionalism and manner.”

Spiritual Guidance and Empowerment

Through my psychic clairvoyant readings I give clients spiritual messages, guidance, spiritual counseling and empowerment. Often clients want to know information about people, situations and events. When the information is given to them then they may want guidance as to what they should do next. Spirit will give them the guidance and spiritually counsel a client encouraging them to move forward in their lives.

Many clients have come back to me or contacted me on many occasions confirming that the messages and guidance that Spirit has given them have been very factual, helpful and enlightening.

I look forward to hearing from you.


” I have great respect for Suzanne’s honesty, support and accuracy throughout the readings that she has given me over the last two years. Suzanne speaks from the heart and has helped me through life’s challenges with positive outcome.”

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I offer psychic and numerology readings by telephone and Skype.

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I have had two readings from Suzanne ( Psychic Suzanne ) in 2013. The first was a face to face reading. The accuracy of Suzanne’s was astounding, she was amazing and I was very impressed with her professionalism and manner. I followed up with an email reading as I had two further questions to ask of Suzanne, the result was phenomenal. I believe Suzanne created miracles for me and once again I have been astounded by the accuracy of her readings. Without a doubt Suzanne is the best clairvoyant and the most accurate that I have ever had a reading from. I wish her the best for her future and have recommended her to my friends and family.

Suzanne is very accurate and empowering with her psychic readings. I have had a number of face to face readings from. Suzanne. She accurately predicted various events including ex partners, children’s health and various other major life events. I would not hesitate to recommend her as the best psychics I have been to.  E

As a regular client of Suzanne’s I find that her readings always give me lots of  reassurance whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed by life’s upsets and challenges. She has an amazing ability to articulate insights, which then helps me through the challenging times with a different perspective. She is kind and helpful and full of support and I am very grateful that she has chosen to share her talents.  Thank you Suzanne.  from T

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