I am often asked where does the healing come from when I am doing a psychic reading/healing. When I am doing a healing I am the power cord along which the healing energy travels. I channel the healing energy from God and then subsequently from many healing divinities who reside in the afterlife.

As I am a Reiki Master I am attuned to the Reiki Ascended Masters who reside in the 5th dimension and send healing through me. There are many other Ascended Masters who reside in the 5th dimension and send healing, Jesus, Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary, Merlin, Mary Magdalene, Geronimo, and St. Germain are some of the healing Ascended Masters. Modified-Hands3

There are many Archangels and Angels who also send healing through me –
Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, Uriel, Azreal, Hamied, Jophiel, and Raguel are some of the healing Archangels.

There are many gods and Goddesses who I receive healing energy from –
Goddess Kwan Yin, Goddess Auset, Goddess Laksmi, God Thoth, God Amun Ra, and God Ganisha are some of many healing Gods and Goddesses.

There are also many other healing beings. The Cat people, the Crystal people, the White light Syrian beings, the star people and many other Extraterrestrial Groups such as the Pleiadians, Ashtar Command and the Acrturians who send healing via me.

Everyone is born with this power to heal themselves or others, regardless of their ethnicity, culture or religion. You just have to learn how to access divine healing power.

Read my next post about the different healing methods, learning to heal and what can be healed.


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