Hi Everyone, it is a while since I have been in contact. The reason being is that I have made a big move from Nelson to the Kapiti Coast in the North Island. It was a very big move, involving selling my house in Nelson and buying another house on the coast. This means fresh pastures, new opportunities to expand my business and to be part of an active spiritual community.


Energetic Cleansing
A really important activity you should do when you arrive in your new home is to cleanse your home energetically. There are always undesirable energies in a new home whether you like it or not. Here are some ways that you can do that.
1. Ask your local spiritualist church for contact details of people who can energetically cleanse your home

Or if you want to do this yourself here are some suggestions

1. Buy a white sage stick from a new age shop or you can buy a small packet of dried sage from the supermarket

2. Light the sage stick or the dried sage (placed in a saucer)

3. Move through the rooms in your new home with the smoking sage and waft the smoke particularly in the corners

4. As you move through each space, ask God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to remove and send all undesirable energies, attachments, lost souls and entities back to the light

5. Imagine everything undesirable leaving and when you have finished ask God to pour pure white light all through your new home.
You can repeat this procedure a couple of times or until you feel comfortable in your new home.


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