Another way of creating good energy within the home is through practising good Feng shui.
Feng shui is the flow of energy around and within your home.
I liken it to that of water flowing.
However for good Feng shui the flow should be gentle otherwise all the good Feng shui is moved away.

You don’t have to do any deep meditations or energetic cleansings, all you have to do is to be mindful of some basic Feng shui principles

  1. Place an energetic water fountain near your front door. The flowing energy of water symbolizes cash, and brings more cash flow and connections with key people to you
  2. Clear the entranceway to your home of such things as plants, vines, old newspapers, bikes and toys to allow the energy to flow into your home. Make sure that the front door and locks are in good working order
  3. Get rid of any clutter in your home, try not to be a hoarder or a storer and fix any broken objects. This allows you to release frustrations and anxieties and smooths your life path Bagua-101
  4. Position your bed in the spot that is furtherest away from the door but where you are still able to see the doorway and anyone approaching if you are lying in bed. This helps you to feel to feel safe, loved and great
  5. To keep your dollars from being drained away keep your bathroom doors closed, hang full length mirrors on the outsides of your bathroom doors and keep your drains covered when not in use (cover the sink and basin drains and keep the toilet seat closed)
  6. Have good quality air and light in your home. These two elements are essential for good Feng shui energy
  7. Hang a pleasant sounding wind chime in the right front area of your home, office or bedroom to encourage more help and support from people around you
  8. Boost your career with a better office seat position. Position your desk facing the office door. If you cant turn your desk to face the door, arrange a mirror on your desk or wall so you can see who is coming. This helps you to encounter more opportunities and to go further in your field

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