Out of the endings and into the new

I am open to receiving blessings of abundance and wealth from the universe! October is a month of action without the ups and downs of September. October is the 10th month and carries the energy of number 1 or new beginnings. It is a good month to sign any contracts...

The Power of Prayer

So far this month I have talked to many people in crisis but I have also heard of many miraculous changes and endings. The theme in these miraculous changes is the power of prayer. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER. HAVE FAITH. One person said that she had been...

September 9/9

September is a very powerful month of intense energy, change and endings. This is encouraging the release of old inhibiting patterns of behaviour, thinking and for some the release of old karmic patterns may come into play.  September is the month of metamorphosis as...

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