September is a very powerful month of intense energy, change and endings. This is encouraging the release of old inhibiting patterns of behaviour, thinking and for some the release of old karmic patterns may come into play.  September is the month of metamorphosis as we emerge from last 9 years of our lives. It is also the month of culmination of the achievements that we have made in the last 9 years.
I feel for some this month could be quite challenging with change (particularly on the 9th of September) and I urge everyone to look after their health and well being. Stay away from drama and conflict and chill out. Some may feel the effects of karma either being delivered or finding that someone who has done them wrong has to repay that karma. IMG_3711
September, is the 9th month of the year which is a year 9 (2+0+1+6=9). So the intense energy of 9 – endings, forgiving and releasing and celebrating our successes at the end of a year 9 cycle prevails. And mixed up in all of this is Mercury retrogade, starting on the 31 August and finishing on the 22 September. The energy of Mercury Retrogade assists the letting go of old patterns (review, reassess, reverse) and of course tries our patience with ongoing misunderstandings and technology mishaps. We are being slowed down deliberately to make positive changes to our ways of thinking and existence.
So here are the important dates to remember during the month of September.
September the 1st is the eclipse of the new moon, if you haven’t already done this, put your intentions out there for what you want to create in the coming year.
September the 9th carries the 9 energy very heavily, 9/9/2016 (which also adds up to 9)
This could be an intense day of change for some, the theme of letting go all that no longer serves you (endings) will be strong.
September the 16th is the day of the eclipse of the full moon. This is the day of celebration of all that has been successful in the culmination of a 9 year cycle.
Then to top it all off September the 22nd is the conclusion of Mercury Retrogade and the equinox or the change of the seasons.
This is a master number day and concludes all of the changes made during the previous September month.. The energy will be more steady and calm from this day on and you will be able to relax and look forward to the calm and harmony of The Libyan energy (October)

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