2017 is vibrating as the new beginnings energy of number one so this coming year is good for creativity and new projects. This could happen in your work and/or personal life.

This 2017 energy is a lot lighter than that of 2016 so try to experience more joy and pleasure in your life. Take up something you really enjoy and have fun.

For some of you, new beginnings may mean a new job or even moving house. Overseas travel may eventuate although air travel could have the overriding threat of terrorism.

Many people will become more spiritual in 2017 and sprirtual groups and practices will increase across the globe.

I feel in New Zealand that it would be unlikely to have another major earthquake altough there will be still be some shakes.

There will still be political unrest and instability world wide but countries will cooperate more to keep the peace.

It is important to think outside the square to make money as technology continues to replace employment.  20170101_134942-1_resized

Most of all try to find some sort of happiness and Goddess Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess of joy and pleasure will assist you to find that.

Love and blessings for 2017

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