Hypno Gastric Band

The subconscious mind is a ferocious competitor if you try to “make” it do things. Hence dieting and forceful approaches to change never seem to work long term. But with a “ Hypno Gastric Band (otherwise know as the virtual gastric band)” things are totally different. This a whole new approach to reducing weight and is a very effective, long term approach to keeping weight off.

The Hypno Gastric Band is a virtual “band” that is fitted without having the cost or invasive surgery of the real thing. It’s based, on utilizing purely positive emotions around healthy eating, exercise, being in control of your eating and managing your portion size. It has a very high success rate – 95% of you reducing weight over a defined period of time.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off long term must be based around positive emotional habits and mental programming AND above all else…It is individualized. You feel healthier, more empowered and in total control of your choices and their results.

Hypnosis is being in the state of meditation and visualization and words are being used to encourage the unconscious mind to make a change to a belief of some kind that they have about themselves and their eating patterns.

The Hypno Gastric band is designed to be fitted in 1 session in a face to face situation. Contact Suzanne for more details.

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