Managing Relationship Stress Before Christmas

I am currently having a lot of calls on my 0900 50 500 Psychic line from clients asking how they can reduce relationship stress with their partner, husband or wife before Christmas. So, to be of assistance to you all I am doing a three-part series of blogs about managing relationship stress before Christmas. These blogs will also apply to all of who are single.

Blog One:  Managing Money to reduce Relationship Stress

When I get calls from clients I often hear these comments

  • We don’t have enough money because my partner spends it on things that are not necessary and I go off my nut.
  • We can’t pay this bill and my partner is getting stressed
  • We never seem to have enough money for Christmas and my partner and I have some big arguments about this.

So, what can you both do to help alleviate this stress?

  1. Make a commitment together that you are both going to do something positive and proactive to change this situation. If you must do this on your own then make a commitment to yourself.
  2. Consult with a budgeting or money management service. Call them up and make an appointment. They make amazing changes to people’s lives.
  3. Ask the Angels to help you with this situation, they can’t help you unless you ask them too,
  4. Pray every day to God and the angels and expect positive results
  5. Use positive affirmations daily
    Whenever you start to think or say, “We can’t pay this bill and my partner is getting stressed,
  • CANCEL, CLEAR and DELETE that thought or spoken words
  • Use positive affirmations ie money flows freely and easily into my account and all bills are taken care of
  • Write these affirmations out and put them in a place where you can read them and say them out aloud
    6. Visualize success
  • See money flowing into your bank accounts and all your bills are paid.
  • See you and your partner looking happy and content that all your money concerns have been taken care of
  • Print out an image of a money tree (like in this blog) and put somewhere where you can see it frequently.

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