I do a lot of psychic clairvoyant angel readings for people about romantic relationships. Some are looking for a new romantic relationship, others want to get a current or a past relationship back on track. If either of those apply to you, Archangel Chamuel is assisting you to attract the romantic partner you so desire. I call upon him using my psychic abilities in the angel reading to guide your thoughts and actions to bring the right romantic partner into your life. See his angelic energy swirling around you like a vortex. Psychic readings Auckland Phone 0900 50500 for a Psychic phone reading

To prepare for the new romantic partner and relationship. I use my psychic powers in the angel reading to call upon Archangel Jophiel to beautifies you inside and out. It is important for you to feel and be positive in your outlook if you are attracting a new romantic relationship. Look your best as well. Wear nice clothes and make yourself look and feel beautiful. Be happy and joyful, this energy attracts someone towards you, especially when he/she sees a lovely warm smile. See Archangel Jophiel’s angelic energy swirling around you like a vortex. Archangel Jophiel confirms a dream coming true, believe in yourself and what the universe is manifesting for you. Book an angel reading at www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz/psychic-readings/

Archangel Raguel, instills harmony within relationships, ensuring peaceful interactions and communication. He is the Archangel of effective, positive communication. I call upon him using my psychic abilities to open the hearts of everyone involved to resolve arguments in a meaningful way for positive outcomes. Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth exercises and love at their core even if appearances seem otherwise. Trust that the outcome is the best for you and your higher self. Phone psychic readings are available through Psychic Suzanne www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz/psychic-readings/

If you are experiencing conflict in your current romantic relationship, Archangel Raphael and his highest guides are there to calm, heal and help you. I will channel him and his energy to wrap around all your cares and worries and allow him to take your burdens. Feel his loving emerald green angel energy filling your heart center and expanding and know that God always works for your highest good no matter what the situation is. Book a reading at www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz/psychic-readings/

If we are in a romantic relationship or attracting a romantic relationship, we always must be mindful that this relationship is healthy and not toxic to oneself. Archangel Michael provides guidance, protection, and clearing toxic energies to ensure that we are in healthy romantic partnerships. He is the Archangel of protection and life path direction. I can channel Archangel Michael and his purple blue light to clear away any toxicity in your relationship. Ph 0900 50500 for an instant reading or book a phone psychic reading at www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz/psychic-readings/

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