Let go of the past as much as you can

2018s energy is certainly stirring things up. Past issues are still there for many people and are rearing their ugly head.  People are calling me about past situations, people and events coming back to haunt them. We can’t possible let go of all of our past but...

Release Anger, Forgive And Move On

Got some anger to let go from the past? Need to forgive someone, a situation or an event that has happened? if you are wanting to release anger then you will be needing to forgive in some way as well. Forgiveness is necessary to be able to move on from someone or...

Air New Zealand’s Safety Video

Air New Zealand’s new safety video that was released on the 1st March has caused quite a stir and rightfully so. I feel that Air New Zealand’s new safety video (that was filmed a few kms from the Mt Erebus crash site) is trying to portray that they are a very...

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