Energy flows where the focus goes.
If you are feeling down, stuck or things are not going right today change the focus.
Distract yourself by doing something different that you enjoy.
Focus on a goal that you want to achieve.
Plan how you are going to achieve that goal and action it.
Notice how your energy state changes when you change the focus. Visit to distract yourself.

How to help you stay focused on a task or goal?
Make sure you really want to achieve the task. If the task is boring you will lose focus. If you really want to achieve the task a response in our brain is triggered that strengthens our willpower
Practicing daily mediation is one of the best things you can do to increase your ability to stay focused on a task.
Eat healthy and exercise regularly
Trial ways of improving your sleep patterns to get plenty of good quality sleep
Do short bursts of focusing on your goal to achieve progress
Above all done give up, change the focus if you feel like that.

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