We are now into May, the 5th month of a 3-universal energy year. The 5 and 3 energy can work quite well together. The 5 energy represents expansion or movement but this is not so much starting new projects but completing existing ones. The 3 universal energy means you  will still have the flexibility to see the bigger picture and to look outside the square to find solutions.

May is the sign of Taurus which represents the need for stability, security and the need to slows things down. Taurus the bull is an earth sign which means this month has a strong connection with Mother Earth and her grounding energy.  The bull likes to sniff the flowers and not go overboard with anything. When things are too much and you need to centre and rebalance, the earth energy is very available.

Both energies are important this month but also the 8 energy the month of May  (5+3=8) can override at times. The 8 energy is about balancing money, dont overspend, and keep a handle on your finances. On the other side of the coin you could make money in business transactions.  The 8 energy can bring up situations of needing to stand in ones power or possibly over reacting and becoming aggressive.

The flame of karma will be burning in the background as no 8 can represent karma and at times we may feel that we are in the firing line and getting the raw end of the stick. Saturn in retrograde won’t help this either.

Yes there are going to be ups and downs and so we need patience and understanding as we deal with unforeseen matters. Go with the flow. The energy will ebb and flow and if you have a  quiet time, rejoice the peace, kick back and relax. If it is a busy time, take advantage and go for it but don’t overdo it.

As we may at times feel confused about what is going on around us it is so important to stay focused on what we want to create in the long term. Look at your long term goals and make sure that you  are still on track with manifesting these.

So May could ebb and flow. Yes we will still be moving forward but it could be 10 steps forward and 3 steps back. Always remember to nurture and take of you. Have strategies to do this and above all have fun and laughter and remember to take time to sniff the flowers..

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