With Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in retrograde this May, intense energy will flow in and flow out… So, a big need this month to take care of our physical health. Your body is your temple and you must look after it. If you have any health concerns, get them checked out. Don’t delay. Your health is your greatest wealth, remember that.

Feed your physical body with healthy, organic food. May being the 5th month, the energy of 5 is associated with the colour yellow. Eat yellow foods, pumpkin, carrots, peppers and kumara to strengthen your solar plexus chakra, your energetic strength and power base. Keeping this chakra healthy means your immunity will be sustained.

Feed your physical body with feel good activities. Touch is great, get a massage, move to music, get a sound healing with gongs, go get your hair done, anything for that feel good experience.

Feed your soul with joy and happiness. Have fun to stay uplifted. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and intentions. Take up daily prayer, meditation and yoga to reduce ongoing stress. These activities all help to maintain physical health.

Another way to maintain physical health is to ground oneself. Sit in the garden or walk amongst nature. Close your eyes. Relax and breathe in and out three times. See golden roots coming out of the soles of your feet and and connecting with Mother Earth.
See Mother Earth flowing beautiful green earth energy up into your body through the golden roots that connect your feet to the ground. See that green energy circulating through your body and then going back down to Mother Earth taking with it any discordant energies. Keep repeating this meditation until your feel grounded and energized.


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