May is the 5th month of 2019 in a universal year energy of no 3, 5+3=8. No 8 carries an energy of manifestation. The energy of no 5 and no 3 contribute to the 8 energy. The energy of 5 represents movement and no 3 is about the out pouring of energy as in action or growth.

However, for the month of May, the conditions for manifesting need to be right to happen. May is not a month to go all out. You must pick your time wisely to make it happen in May.

No 8 if turned sideways is the sign of infinity.  Simplistically Infinity can be interpreted as something that has no boundaries, such as infinite universe, infinite abundance, infinite love, infinite finances and so on. If the no 8 on its side represents the energy of infinity then this will contribute to the energy of manifestation.

However, the 8 energy has other dimensions to be aware of that can affect its manifestation qualities. The Chinese consider no 8 to be very lucky especially with money. The no 8 energy can play out the law of karma which can be good for some and not so good for others.

The energy of no 8 also can bring up issues around personal power. If you have issues standing in your personal power then this could very well come up in May. If you have issues around standing in your personal power then manifestation may be challenging. On the other hand, you may use your personal power too much and come down too heavy. These are all things to be aware of in the mix of things.

Back to manifestation. I do think May is a good month for manifestation as long as you have the right tools and the mindset. I also think there are days better than others for manifestation and I will elaborate on that too.

The energy will ebb and flow. That is, it will be full on with a high vibration, then quiet. The full-on time would be a good time to put plans into action or manifest. You will know when this happens because you will suddenly get busy. If it’s quiet and things are slow then chill.

I have also said May is a month for grounding and soaking up the earth energy. This too is good for manifestation as too much in the sky can mean out of balance and that doesn’t work if you are wanting to make something happen. Feet on the ground helps things to happen. So, make use of that grounding energy too.

May is also a month to chill, kick back and smell the roses. Taurus the bull doesn’t charge around unless he must. He would rather kick back and dream of cows and sweet green grass. Get it?  If you take the time to kick back and slow down a bit then you can dream of those wonderful things that you want to manifest.. You can also meditate and visualize on what is the best action to take to realize those dreams and when the time is right go for it.

The best days of the month of May to put something into action are the days that carry the 8, the 5 and the 3 vibration. So 17th 21, 23, ,26th are good days to manifest as is the 30 of May. The best days are the 17th and the 26th May.

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