Energy forecast for June 2019 by your Psychic Guide Psychic Suzanne

After the ups and downs of May, the energy ebbing and flowing and many having received some sort of physical shakeup and an experience of unprecedented negativity, we move into June, the month of Gemini. The earth plane has been releasing negativity for some months now as it is transitioning into the higher vibration of the 5th dimension. We’ve also been releasing negative aspects of ourselves preparing for a 5th dimensional shift. To align with this 5th dimension shift it is a good idea to look at ways of raising your vibration within yourself, your home and your environment.

For many of us May has brought up aspects of our physical self needing to be released and healed. This theme will continue into June. It is vital to continue to focus on your overall health and well-being and this in turn will raise your energy vibration that you’re creating and attracting from. June potentially is a great month for manifesting as your vibration is high and you are tuning into universal source.  A lot of people are finding they are manifesting some things very quickly.

Creating happiness is another theme for June, so go out of your way to do more of what makes you feel happy and joyful. If you’re not happy be careful that you don’t create more of this, otherwise the month of June could prove to be difficult indeed and another repeat of May. We don’t want that thank you.

So, June is a significant month for us in that it is 9 Universal Month in a 3 Universal Year. The number 9 energy is about endings and this month it’s the perfect time to communicate your thoughts and feelings especially when it comes to clearing the air prior to moving on. If something needs closure, resolving hurts or setting the record straight – now’s the time to get it out. This is a month of forgiveness, letting go, releasing negativity and moving forward. The new moon on the 3rd June will bring up the negative situations in your life that need to be aired, cleared and moved on from.

Take care in business transactions, all may not be what it seems. Some contracts may fall over because there are aspects of deceit and negativity. If a deal is not aligning in truth and integrity this month then it won’t work. Endings are all about letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. Take care as the endings may mean that you lose money. There are unscrupulous people out there who are ready to rip others off. Entering into big contracts that involve big money may be best left until July-August so there is less change of things going wrong.

So embrace the changes you’re about to make, embrace the opportunity to raise your vibration to manifest easily and to clean your slate of unwanted negativity.

June Blessings

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