Weekly Tarot card reading guide Saturday 8th June –Friday 14th June
By your Psychic Guide Psychic Suzanne

This is a general reading only but im sure you WILL find some gems of wisdom


Saturday 8th June
Card, Four of Cups.  

The past is being perused as new beginnings are imminent but the question is what is the best way to go. You have new ideas and projects but you are a little hesitant about putting them in place. You don’t want things to fall over. Your personal power is a little shakey and money is at the fore. Trust your intuition, that is the best guide and what has worked in the past may still fitYou love relationship may be a little shaky. Sort out the problems





Sunday 9th June
Card, Princess of Pentacles.

There is certainly new beginnings around a business option and money to be made but decisions are not easy as to how to do this. You are going to need a bit of luck and hard work is needed. Staying grounded is important to make the right decision. There could be a child/teenager in your family who is very strong minded and difficult to handle at times. Look outside the square for answers. Physical activity is important.





Monday 10th June
Card, Seven of Pentacles

This denotes a time when financial decisions must be made. You must decide whether to continue working on existing projects or to put energy into a new endeavor. It is money in and too much money out. You can’t go on like this. Something must give. The last straw on the camel’s back. Watch your spending on unnecessary things. Dream big to change your thoughts. Stay positive





Tuesday 11th June
Nine of Pentacles

Although this card is showing there is money to be made it hasn’t quite got here yet. There still must be an accomplishment of some kind. You have all the resources you need to do this but the expertise must be rejigged. Don’t assume that all is as it seems. Reality may be giving you false expectations. Beware of deception it is the other side of success. Work in progress.





Wednesday 12th June
Card Seven of Cups

This reveals a time when emotional choices must be made. Many options are available, we should choose carefully. This could be around a romantic connection that on the surface is not working for you anymore. Did deep to see if any changes can be made. Weigh up all options as once the decision is made it will be hard to go back. There may be a child leaving home leaving you empty and grieving or you could be missing someone close who has passed.





Thursday 13th June

Some may say the karma card and yes this card signals a time of reaping what you have sown. Time to release the negative aspect of yourself. Let it go, forgive and move on. It may mean reward or punishment, but things are approaching resolution. So right your wrongs, resolve the hurts. Speak your truth and clear the air. See this as a time of positive change a time to move into happier times.





Friday 14th June

Thing are speeding up, time is approaching to process any endings that will alloe you to move on. Perhaps your relationship is over and there is no going back. You may be shifting house because you must or because it is too painful to stay. Accept the endings as they make the new beginnings possible. Light is at the end of the tunnel. Someone close to you may be very unwell and is preparing to pass. You could be changing your job, not because you want to but because you must. Allow this to happen to ease the pain




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