August 2019 represents the turnaround of the heavy, difficult energies we have been encountering for the last 3 months. The 20th July was the cusp of the turnaround — a time for letting go of the old and making way for the new; a time of new beginnings. And it started with rest and recuperation. This is the principle of hibernation, allowing energy to renew itself and be strengthened by rest ready for the new momentum.

August is a brighter, lighter, and more hopeful month with so much fresh inspiration to offer. If we can open our hearts, open our minds, and just allow the Universe to work its magic, we will be able to access so much abundance this month!
The first dose of new beginnings and fresh opportunities comes as we enter the month with the Leo Black Super New Moon on the 1st August  and Mercury moving direct shortly after on the 2nd August, Both of these cosmic events will help to relieve some tensions that may have been bubbling through the month of July. With the new moon, we can look at manifesting things in for ourselves along the lines of what this proud zodiac sign represents – such as more creativity, greater self-expression, building our self-belief and stepping into more of a leadership role in our lives.

Mercury going direct will also help communication efforts to feel a little smoother and may reveal some important information so you can make more confident and informed decisions moving forward.Following this, we have the Lionsgate Portal which peaks on August 8th.

The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky. This 8/8 energy is going to be helping us to tune in to higher frequency energies which are important in activating our psychic development. Messages will also be easier to access from our guides, the angels and our loved ones.

On August 15, we have the Aquarius Full Moon, which carries a theme of independence and where we need to be more open when it comes to asking for help. However, this full moon carries a much lighter and brighter energy than what we experienced in July.

On August 23rd, we say goodbye to Leo Season and move into Virgo Season. This is a Season for health, for healing, and for reflection, it is a season to focus on creating a routine that is both productive and rooted in self-care. We will also feel motivated to ground our energy and to spend time connecting with Mother Nature.

Finally, the month wraps up the way it began, with another New Moon, this time in the sign of Virgo on the 30th August. This new moon is another reminder that it’s time to focus on the vibrant new energy that the Universe is delivering to us all.

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