December And Relationships

Have you perfected your communication during the last Mercury Retrograde? Because during December you may have to use your fine words to heal any relationship curve balls that come your way.  Mother Mary is known to be the healer of relationships so you may need to ask for her help too.

December carries the energy of number 6, the energy of relationships with everyone around you, with close family members, partners, lovers, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, or general members of the community.

December is a month to be mindful of others and to be helpful, co-operative, understanding, and kind.  If you are challenged in some way, stay calm, see others point of view as well as your own. December is encouraging you to clear the air with others and to put matters right. Listen to other people’s opinions and try to see things from their point of view regardless of whether you agree with them or not. Voice your opinion in a calm and diplomatic way and communicate as clearly and kindly as possible.  Diplomacy is the name of the day.

A Meditation To De Stress Using The Rose Pink Light

December also carries the energy of stress and pressure with getting everything organised for Christmas. It is little wonder our relationships may be tested and reevaluated.
If you are feeling a bit flat or frazzled this is a lovely meditation to help generate the warm fuzzy feelings within and to relax. This meditation also helps to raise your vibration.
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth 2 times. Then on the third breath see you breathing rose pink light in through your heart chakra and on the out breath see this rose-pink love spreading through your whole circulatory system in your body, nourishing and nurturing every cell in your body. Do this three times. Then on the fourth breath as you’re breathing out see the rose-pink light spreading beyond your body forming a capsule of rose pink light all around you, helping you feel loving, loved, safe and relaxed..

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