Is there something on your mind that you want to sort out or find a solution to? Are you wanting to quit something that has left you powerless and stuck? Have you suddenly got a stirring that something must change?

Well you are in the right energy to make headway. We are now in the sign of Gemini. This began on the 21st May and goes through until the 22nd June.

The Gemini energy is the new beginnings energy of thinking outside the square. I call it, ‘the wakeup call energy.’ It is the energy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes to wake up, find one’s inner power and make a break through. It is a great energy of formulating a strategy too if you are needing to do that. Now is your chance to make a change and pave a way forward.

What is happening with my readings currently is very interesting. I have had many, many people call me about their position of power in relationships. The common theme seems to be ‘I don’t want to be second best anymore. I’ve had enough of being abused.’ I have had many people say, ’I have put up with a relationship for years, always accommodating, being nice so their partner treats them like crap.’ They feel powerless. Suddenly like a light bulb has gone on, they don’t want it anymore. They’ve had enough. Their awareness is a catalyst for change.

It feels like a shift. People who are trapped and are abused in a relationship do find it very hard to get out. They are powerless to the needs of their perpetrator. It takes them years sometimes to move. They are made to feel guilty about how they are thinking, told that they are mad, They are fearful of the consequences. This is slowly changing NOW but they must do the work to make the changes, to get a break through.

I liken this to what is happening in our country now. People and communities are starting to wake up and take back their power with what is going on with contact apps, the erosion of democracy and our civil rights, our one-person government. Read my last blog, Stand up New Zealand For our Rights about this. Many are still in denial but some are waking up.

I can liken this to what is going on globally. People and communities are waking up and taking back their power about the cover-up with covid, the deceitful decisions of governments, the media controlling the world with lies, the erroneous portrayal of Trump and the list goes on.

Are you waking up in your own life? Are you waking up as to what is going on around you? Are you seeing things in a different light? Take back your power and be the being you were destined to be. Step into your power, for you, for us, for the world. Make a break through.