About Psychic Suzanne

I am Suzanne, Psychic Consultant, Emotional Weight Management Coach and Holistic Healer

My Qualifications

  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Healing Practitioner
  • Angel Miracles Practitioner
  • Professional Angel Miracles Psychic Medium and Archangel Channel
  • Auset Lotus Healing
  • Psychic Auset Oracle card Reader
  • Certificate in Tarot card reading
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching
  • Dip Teaching
  • BA Education
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Emotional Weight Management Practitioner
  • English Language Assistant

“ Suzanne’s insight and channelling from spirit are nothing short of amazing. To know I have the support and guidance not only from Suzanne but those in the heavens is truly comforting, I feel very blessed to know her and of her special gift. I am looking forward to the future now with joy and enthusiasm knowing with every connection with Suzanne brings me that one step closer to realising my dream. Suzanne ….Thank you Thank you Thank you Blessings” “

Background to my spiritual career

I have always been interested in the afterlife and had experienced a near death experience as well as had visions and ghosts appearing before me. As a child I saw many ghosts, and angels would appear before me and I would play with the fairies and goblins in the garden. I spent hours trying to fly like an angel, I would make wings for myself out of blankets and cloths then try to fly.

I began doing Tarot card readings in the early 1990s and found that I had a real gift and that I was giving valuable guidance and messages. I attended Tarot classes and received a certificate in Tarot card reading. I still read Tarot today as it is often a visual confirmation for clients but I use clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience as well, as part of their psychic reading.

I decided that I wanted to learn more about my connection with the Divine and subsequently during the last 15 years I have traveled to Australia to study and learn about the Angels, Archangels, the Egyptian Goddesses and Gods. I subsequently became qualified as an Angel miracles practitioner, an angel miracles psychic, an Egyptian oracle card reader and a Goddess Auset healer.

I learnt how to perform Auset healing which is based on a very ancient healing discipline used by the ancient Egyptian people. This is a very powerful form of psychic healing and noticeably makes changes to people’s conditions and well being. When one is using it other Gods and Goddesses come in to help – God Thoth comes in to do spiritual surgery along with Goddess Bast and the white light Syrian beings. Clients have reported to me that they can feel things moving inside their bodies and their limbs being tugged and pulled gently.

I have also studied Reiki healing. I decided that I wanted to study another healing discipline, I always believe in having a good solid theoretical foundation to any healing modality and Reiki had always interested me. So I studied and subsequently became a Reiki master and practitioner. I offer Reiki healing for adults and children with various ailments and conditions. I have healed cysts, sprains and growths on people and animals and many have noticed a significant reduction in their pain levels after the healing.


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