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My Qualifications

  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Healing Practitioner
  • Jesus Christ Healer
  • Angel Healing Practitioner
  • Angel Medium and Archangel Channel
  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching
  • Dip Teaching
  • BA Education
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Emotional Weight Management Practitioner
  • English Language Assistant


“ Suzanne’s insight and channelling from spirit are nothing short of amazing. To know I have the support and guidance not only from Suzanne but those in the heavens is truly comforting, I feel very blessed to know her and of her special gift. I am looking forward to the future now with joy and enthusiasm knowing with every connection with Suzanne brings me that one step closer to realising my dream. Suzanne ….Thank you Thank you Thank you Blessings” “

Background to my spiritual career

I have always been interested in the afterlife and had experienced a near death experience as well as had visions and ghosts appearing before me. As a child I saw many ghosts, and angels would appear before me and I would play with the fairies and goblins in the garden. I spent hours trying to fly like an angel, I would make wings for myself out of blankets and cloths then try to fly. My family were not very nice to me about the visions I would have, and often I was sent to bed with no dinner or I got a smacking. my family said i was romancing and told lies but when things came true that I had foreseen, i still didnt get the credibility I deserved.

I began doing Tarot card readings in the early 1990s and found that I had a real gift and that I was giving valuable guidance and messages. I attended Tarot classes and received a certificate in Tarot card reading. I still use Tarot cards in a reading if required but now I have also developed highly attuned powers of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to deliver a psychic reading.

I decided that I wanted to learn more about my connection with the Divine and so I travelled to Australia to learn about the Angels and Archangels. I subsequently qualified as an Angel miracles practitioner, an Angel psychic  and Angel Healer. This means I can do Angel readings by channeling the archangels to receive guidance and messages from them for clients.  I can also channel the healing energy of the angels, to heal emotional issues, eliminate psychic attack, reduce pain and to heal underlying disorders in the physical body.

I completed a course in Reiki healing in the early 2000s and qualified as a Reiki master and Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a wonderful energy healing modality to use with pain relief, injuries  to the physical  body, such as sprains and fractures. It is also very effective to use with lumps such as ganglions.

I also studied The healing of Jesus Christ at a local church. Today I do a lot of healing through Jesus Christ. I  find the healing through him is very pure and very effective and he is very easy to connect to. His healing is effective with physical ailments but also emotional issues such as grief and unforgiveness. In fact I use his healing frequently for my cat who has  ongoing health issues.
I know with ongoing healing,  she will be 100% cured.


Jesus and Angel Blessings

Pyschic Suzanne

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