Powerful Angelic Healing

A gifted Angelic healer, magically healing you

Powerful Angelic Healing, by phone, skype and zoom video

Angelic healing

I am a powerful Angelic healer, working with the high frequency energies of the Archangels and Angels. My healing gifts activate and open your innate healing system, healing whatever needs to be healed for your highest good.


My Angelic Healing includes

  • Giving you a general healing and the Archangels will come in and heal whatever needs to be healed for your highest good
  • Performing highly successful energy clearings of your energy field, physical body, chakras and your home, clearing away low frequency energies and entities by using the powerful light energies of the Archangels and cosmic beings
  • Healing multiple health problems and a variety of physical ailments, you tell me what you want healed and the Archangels will come through
  • Using spiritual surgery, and clients may feel a pushing and tugging in their body and this can mean a bone is being put back into place, minor surgery for a tear in a ligament etc
  • Using laser surgery  to remove something that is not for the persons highest good, this could be a growth or abnormal cells as well as upgrading the coding in the cells so the cells can absorb more light and healing.
Holistic Healings

Healing involves clearing your old cellular memory and codes and activating the innate healing codes that lie in every cell of your body. We have come to earth for a purpose and by activating your innate codes to receive more light and healing,  you will blossom into the beautiful being that you have come here to be.

I connect with and activate the powerful healing light energies of the Angelic realm, the Archangels and Angels. Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Jophiel and the Warrior Angels all assist me with their beautiful energies. I merely call them in to be close to me and they are there. They heal whatever needs to be healed for your highest good.

Also during a healing, I frequently receive the high frequency healing energies of the Syrian beings, Goddess Isis, the Pleiadeans, the Arcturians, Christ and Mother Mary. It depends on what healing needs to be performed. Sometimes there needs to be spiritual surgery to be done or some laser work and instantly the other cosmic beings arrive to assist. It is magic

Psychic Healing
Psychic Healing

Suzanne did a healing and energetic session with me today to clear off and cut the energetic cords which have been a roadblock and were making me feel anxious resulting in heart pain and palpitations. Post my healing session I experienced extreme lightness, sense of calm & an instant shift in my energy and vibrations. The healing modalities she uses is very powerful and gave me immediate sense of upliftment. She worked with me to clear up blocked energies in my chakras to get me Intune for me to receive positivity. I have been seeking Suzanne’s advise for over 3 to 4yrs now and I totally trust her guidance and reading as it’s helped me to move jobs and work out major aspects of my life. Thank you Suzanne for always being there for me.

Lots of Love

I wish to give some feedback after my recent phone reading with Suzanne. The funny thing about my reading was timing and the reading being 3rd time lucky.  Wow, it certainly was 3rd time lucky. This reading meant Suzanne saw a situation which involved a hex and black magic with so much resentment and bitterness towards my family and myself over the last 20 years or more. Suzanne was able to provide me with clarity surrounding this terrible situation with accuracy. Suzanne was able to provide this healing as I have not experienced before and it has absolutely worked. I feel free from what I am calling evil intent for the first time in over 20 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzanne. Waiting for my reading with you was more than worthwhile and it has made my year. I am able to live freely and be myself without a hex and black magic surrounding me.  Sincerely grateful.
MA Spaniardo !

I experienced a great feeling of warmth around my body , especially around my base chakra at the back, I could feel the beams of light entering my ear ,a slight suckering feeling like something being sucked out of my ear.  I had a great sense of peace and wasn’t worried about the different feelings coming from the healing. I could strongly feel the rays in each area being targeted by them. I had a pulling in the sacral area like someone pulling out a tampon out of me. Then my lungs and scar area felt a slight pulling where they were doing some spiritual surgery. Afterwards I felt more alert, did some cleaning for the first time in weeks and also I felt healed, emotionally and physically. Thank you so much 


Just wanted to say thanku so much for the cleansing yesterday I had my first good nite sleep since we have bein here and also all of the pain in my body has gone and the weight on my shoulders.thanku. Paula