Holistic Coaching

Create your reality

Are you living a life of feeling excited about where your life is headed?  Coaching has the potential to make amazing life transforming changes to your mind, body and spirit.

Using a holistic approach using Smart and VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) goals, I assist you move forward in the areas of your life that are not working for you, such as career and work, personal relationships, aspirations for the future and working to your full potential.

Create your own reality coaching is designed be completed over four sessions. Each session approximately 1 hour long. Payment of $450.00 is to be made before session one begins

Finding your true Life purpose

An easy four-week coaching program, by skype or face to face as to how to find your life purpose and passion by connecting to the love energy of manifestation and your higher self to move forward on your life path and be who you are.

What you will also get from the program.
You will be attuned to the energy of manifestation and know how to perform a creation meditation which will assist you to manifest things to happen in your life. You will learn how to connect with spirit and your higher self and to receive ongoing valuable messages and guidance.

Finding your life purpose coaching is designed be completed over four sessions each approximately 1.5 hours long. Payment of $450.00 is to be made before session one begins.

Holistic Coaching

Thank you for such a lovely reading. It sounds spot on what has happened so far. The meditations you gave me will be very helpful.
I think I was guided to you when I searched the internet. I would definitely come to you again. Thank you, Best wishes A

Fantastic phone reading so accurate and picked up so much – loved it Highly recommended

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