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Holistic Healings

My Holistic Healings include

  • Holistic Healings for various health problems and physical ailments
  • Releasing negative and toxic energies
  • Chakra opening and clearing to give you more energy and clarity
  • Miracle creation meditations to manifest what you want to happen in your life

Healing Approaches

Angel healing

I am a Angel Miracles Practitioner. I have studied about the beautiful Archangels and Angels. I am able to heal using Angelic energy and to perform a powerful Angel Miracles meditation to assist with the creation of miracles. Their energy is very gentle and soothing.

Christ healing

As well as channeling the healing energy of the Archangels and Angels I have completed courses on how to channel the healing energy of Jesus Christ and to perform hands on healing. Jesus is a very powerful healer and heals many physical ailments.

Auset healing

I have studied Goddess Auset healing. This is based on a very ancient healing discipline used by the ancient Egyptian people. This is a very powerful form of healing and spiritual surgery may occur during the healing.

Reiki healing

I am a Reiki practitioner and a Reiki Master. Through this hands-on healing I have healed sprains, sports injuries and I have reduced lumps to nothing.

Auric-Magnetic healing

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Psychic Healing
Holistic Healings

Thank you again Suzanne. U do really great readings, beautiful spirit Goddess person. U the best counselor, u are a wonderful light, all the very best.Soul Vibrations.

I want to book a reading, you come very highly recommended. As a regular client of Suzanne’s I find that her readings always give me lots of  reassurance whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed by life’s upsets and challenges. She has an amazing ability to articulate insights, which then helps me through the challenging times with a different perspective. She is kind and helpful and full of support and I am very grateful that she has chosen to share her talents.

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Coaching programs for weightloss and better lives

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