Three Ways to Connect with Spirit eBook


With this Ebook you will learn three easy ways to connect with spirit and receive messages and guidance. All you need is a pendulum, a pen and paper and an object that belongs to another person. You can ask questions or you can say, please give me messages and guidance that is for my highest good. The first technique is Automatic writing, which is tuning into spirit, then taking your pen and proceeding to write down the messages and guidance that are conveyed to you on paper.



Another technique that you will learn to connect with spirit is psychometry, which is holding an object belonging to another person, tuning into spirit and then relaying the messages and guidance that you receive to the other person. The object that you hold that belongs to the other person could be a ring, a necklace, a set of keys or even a wallet.

The third technique that you will learn to connect with spirit is by using a pendulum. You are shown how to programme a pendulum and  how to use it to receive yes or no answers to your questions. Some healers use pendulums to indicate the areas of the body that require healing, others may use it to see if a medicinal product would be advantageous for you.
This Ebook also includes a video for each of the techniques for better visualisation and understanding. There is also an introductory video giving you an overview of the contents of the Ebook.


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