Psychic Readings


My Psychic readings give you guidance and messages about –

  • The present and the next 12 months
  • Your questions
  • Romantic, family, workplace and friend relationships/s
  • Finding a new love relationship
  • Dealing with workplace difficulties and job/career prospects
  • Health and a healthier lifestyle
  • Selling your house and/or buying a house
  • Moving house and relocating
  • Money issues and receiving financial abundance
  • Your past lives
  • What messages your guides and Angels have for you
  • Anything else you want guidance about
Psychic Readings

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Psychic readings by telephone, skype or in person.


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Psychic readings by telephone, skype or in person.


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I have very strong spiritual connections with many light beings and highest spirit guides whom I call upon before I do a psychic reading. If I am doing a medium ship reading then I would call upon those in spirit that the client wishes to communicate with.  Then I connect with them, visualize them standing before me and I thank them for their presence. I then ask for and visualize a pure and open channel to receive messages and guidance for the person who is seeking it. I see my crown chakra and third eye chakra opening and expanding to receive messages and guidance.

My psychic abilities also work through Tarot and Angel cards which can also give visual confirmation of messages and guidance for the client. As I am shuffling the cards messages and pictures flow in to my mind.

Through my psychic readings I give clients spiritual messages, guidance, spiritual counseling and empowerment. Often clients want to know information about people, situations and events. When the information is given to them then they may want guidance as to what they should do next. Spirit will give them the guidance and spiritually counsel a client encouraging them to move forward in their lives. Spirit could ask the client questions through me or visualize outcomes for the client to motivate them to be proactive. This is Spirit empowering the client through divine guidance. At times the Divine can be blunt when they know people are not listening and will tell them exactly how it is and what will happen if they continue their current path. I have been guided by Spirit to do this and this can be quite direct to clients that need to make important changes.

Create miracles to happen in your life

At the end of the psychic reading I ask my clients if they would like to do a miracle creation meditation to create a miracle to happen in their life. I then thank Spirit for their loving guidance and messages that have been received through the psychic channels for the client. I ask that they stay close to the client to guide and help them in the days that come and to give them healing and strength where required.

Many clients have come back to me or contacted me on many occasions confirming that the messages and guidance that Spirit has given them have been very factual, helpful and enlightening. Other clients have said that the events that I have predicted have happened at times without warning. Clients have also reported changes in their lives and circumstances that weren’t foreseen. Spirit will make changes for people and a reading can be timely for that to happen and to assist with the required energy shifts. Others have made changes in their lives that Spirit has advised and they have come back to me saying that if they hadn’t come to see me then they would not have moved on in their life.


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