Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading based

on your Zodiac Sign

2 September – 9th September 2019


This card indicates an emotional achievement. It could be the birth of an idea, a creative project or the conception or birth of a child. You may be making new friends or you may have met a potential romantic partner. You may be celebrating a birthday or going to a celebratory party. You may have won a contract in business. This card herald’s good times, new friendship, joy and celebration. Life is fun and happy.


This may indicate a fruitful prosperous period in your life. Your creative urge to become productive may become pressing. Mother, lover and wife issues could come into focus.

The empress must learn to love but not to smother. You must learn to let go of your creations and as a mother learn to let go of your children.


Make yourself a wish as this is the wish card. Things could not be better. You are emotionally, physically and mentally content with the world. This card may indicate a happy, joyful romantic relationship that is now committed. The world is your oyster. 

Dream big and watch your dreams manifest.


This card may indicate an energetic young person in your life. It could be a child who needs lots of physical activity and is prone to temper tantrums or behavioral problems. She may need some guidance. There could be the seeds of creativity stirring within you as you day dream about a creative project. However, you must set plans and goals before these dreams are realized. You may not have the maturity, abilities or resources to follow through. 


The knight sweeps into your life with the force of the wind. Beware, he could be a sudden romantic connection. He can charm you, only to disappear out of your life as quickly as he appeared. This card could also symbolize words in action, ideas and plans start to take shape. Don’t become impatient, caution is needed before signing documents or saying hasty words you may later regret.


Be careful, your convictions and opinions may be questioned. You may need to withdraw to walk your own path and stand in your power. You may have been through a lengthy dispute, trial or situation where you feel you’ve had enough. You’ve given this issue as much as you can and now you are being asked to try one more time. The energy of the wands will take up the challenge and give you the confidence to make the last move to success.


The World symbolizes the ending and happy conclusion of a cycle and now the gates are open to pursue a new venture. Maybe you have finished a project, an educational course that brings recognition. You may have learnt a new skill that brings you fulfilment. 

Your relationship has ended as it has run its full course and a new relationship is imminent.

If you have come through a difficult time, a resolution will be reached. A new job, home and travel may be manifested.


You may be exhausted and feeling depressed as you have a lot of problems. You could be taking on too much responsibly and worry and you need to delegate. Maybe this is to do with a difficult relationship, business or career. Don’t be a martyr and complain to others and not do anything about it. If you can’t resolve the situation then maybe it is time to let go and move on.

Sagitarius: THE CHARIOT

The chariot represents your ability to marshal seemingly opposing forces and direct them as one sees fit. Conflict and competition can sometimes be sources of immense energy, but you must be willing to channel these energies and attempt to control their directions for you to forge ahead. You may find that instead of just coping you now have the energy to overcome fears and move onto victory. Use your will power to exercise mind over matter. You may be buying a new car or moving from one place to another, perhaps buying a new home. 


You have achieved something after a long road of hard labour and you are being recognized and acknowledged for your achievement. Success is yours in return for persistent and dedicated work. This could be in the form of money, a prize or an award. You may have completed some form of study very competently or you have excelled in learning a skill. You may have won some money through lotto or another form of gambling. You could have sold a house, making a healthy profit after renovating it.


You may be about to travel either for a holiday, long term travel or to further your career. You may be moving closer to water either by moving to a new house or a new job. You may have had good results in a business venture. There are opportunities to expand and offers may come from overseas. The feeling is of growth and expansion, not only in business but in all spheres of life.


A new relationship is very close for you. You may have a feeling of emotional contentment or of gaining your heart’s desire. This includes any new situation that comes from the heart and not the head. You are feeling very happy that at last something is working out for you emotionally. You may have your head in the clouds as you have the overwhelming feelings of being in love. You are in a state of euphoria but the honey moon period is quickly over and a sense of reality sets in. You have to refocus as feelings ebb and flow but have no real focus.